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Publication Schedule of 2023 and 2024

Publication Schedule Of 2023 And 2024

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No Word File ... YTUJENS-2020-366 Modeling Of Gigabit Passive Optical Networks


February 2023 Regular Issue

1 YTUJENS-2021-33 Supplier Selection in Supply Chain Network using MCDM Methods

2 YTUJENS-2021-37 Wireless Transmission of Solar Panel Energy with the Help of Mutual Induction

3 YTUJENS-2021-50 Dielectrical Parameters and Relaxation of Al/NFT/p-Si Schottky Diode with Frequency Dependence

4 YTUJENS-2021-56 Evaluation of the Technical Feasibility Aspects of the Fishing Structures: A Case Study of Izmir Coast

5 YTUJENS-2021-108 Using of Therma Using of Thermal Power Plant Fly Ash To Produce Semi-Lightweight Aggregate And Concretel Power Plant Fly Ash To Produce Semi-Lightweight Aggregate And Concrete

6 YTUJENS-2021-109 Evaluation Of Several Geoid Models For GNSS Height Transformation İn Turkey

7 YTUJENS-2021-113 Fusion And CNN Based Classification Of Liver Focal Lesions Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging Phases

8 YTUJENS-2021-116 Intuitionistic Fuzzy Hypersoft Topology And Its Applications To Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

9 YTUJENS-2021-121 Evaluation Of The Lateral Acceleration On Highway Comfort: A Case Study With University Students

10 YTUJENS-2021-122 Kinetics Of Thermal Decomposition Of Howlite Mineral At Different Heating Rates

11 YTUJENS-2021-125 Investigation Of The Rheological Properties Of Low-Density Polyethylene (Ldpe) Modified Bitumens Using Two Plastic Wastes

12 YTUJENS-2021-126 Biodiesel Production From Biomass By Treating Textile Industry Wastewater

13 YTUJENS-2021-133 Investigation Of Aerosol Direct Radiative Forcing During A Dust Storm Using A Regional Climate Model Over Turkey

14 YTUJENS-2021-144 On Codes Over Product Of Finite Chain Rings

15 YTUJENS-2021-152 Modeling Of A Brushless Dc Motor Driven Electric Vehicle And Its Pid-Fuzzy Control With Dspace

16 YTUJENS-2021-154 Effects Of Reactive Mgo And Metakaolin On Compressive Strength And Chloride Migration Coefficient Of Sodium Carbonate Activated Slag Mortars

17 YTUJENS-2021-155 Antiproliferative Activity And Cytotoxic Effect Of Essential Oil And Water Extract From Origanum Vulgarel

18 YTUJENS-2021-158 Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Approach For Lead Removal From Aqueous Solution By Agricultural Waste Derived Biochars

19 YTUJENS-2021-161 Decision Making İn The Manufacturing Environment Using The Technique Of Precise Order Preference

20 YTUJENS-2021-163 Simultaneous Reduction Of Nitrate And Perchlorate By Sulfide-Based Reduction Process


April 2023 Regular Issue

1 YTUJENS-2021-78 The Linear Programming Model for Predicting the Level of Labour Employment After Dam Failure by Using Dummy Variable Technique

2 YTUJENS-2021-111 Observation of Experts, Attitudes Through Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

3 YTUJENS-2021-124 How Does Ageing Of Customer Water Meters Effect The Accuracy?

4 YTUJENS-2021-128 Concerning to the Generalized Hermite-Hadamard Integral Inequality

5 YTUJENS-2021-130 Effect Of MgZn2 Addition On The Sintering Density, Microstructure And Hardness Of Aluminum Alloys Prepared By Powder Metallurgy Method

6 YTUJENS-2021-134 Household Energy Poverty: The Concept, Issues and Implications for Turkey

7 YTUJENS-2021-143 The Analysis of Risk Assessment for the Transmission of Covid-19 by Using PROMETHEE and ELECTRE Methods

8 YTUJENS-2021-150 Cubic B-spline Finite Element Method for Generalized Reaction Diffusion with delay

9 YTUJENS-2021-164 Some Properties Of The Topological Spaces Generated From The Simple Undirected Graphs

10 YTUJENS-2021-167 Inhomogeneous Quantum Group Of Q-Fermions

11 YTUJENS-2021-168 A New Distribution With Four Parameters: Properties And Applications

12 YTUJENS-2021-173 Sulfate And Chloride Resistance Of Bottom Ash Doped Slag-Based Geopolymer Composites

13 YTUJENS-2021-180 Effect Of Number And Position Of Frames In Speaker Age Estimation

14 YTUJENS-2021-374 On Innovations Of The Multivariable Fractional Hardy-Type Inequalities On Time Scales

15 YTUJENS-2021-416 Chlorogenic Acid Nanoemulsion For Staphylococcus Aureus Causing Skin Infection: Synthesis, Characterization And Evaluation Of Antibacterial Efficacy

16 YTUJENS-2021-445 Prediction of the Natural Frequencies of Various Beams Using Regression Machine Learning Models

17 YTUJENS-2021-517 Novel Analytical And Approximate-Analytical Methods For Solving The Nonlinear Fractional Smoking Mathematical Model

18 YTUJENS-2021-537 Tribological Behavior Of Epoxy Nanocomposites Under Corrosive Environment: Effect Of High-Performance Boron Nitride Nanoplatelet

19 YTUJENS-2021-576 Numerical Approach of Fisher’s Equation with Strang Splitting Technique using Finite Element Galerkin Method

20 YTUJENS-2022-18 Predicting Tanker Main Engine Power Using Regression Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks


June 2023 Regular Issue

1 YTUJENS-2021-160 Variability in TSP bound EC/OC and BC with respect to ambient Meteorological conditions in Srinagar J&K India

2 YTUJENS-2021-183 A Numerical Method For An İnverse Problem Concerning The Two-Dimensional Diffusion Equation With Source Control Parameter By New Polynomials

3 YTUJENS-2021-184 Some New Inequalities For LR-(P,H)-Convex Interval-Valued Functions By Means Of Pseudo Order Relation

4 YTUJENS-2021-186 3D Printed Stacked Antenna For Wlan Drone Communication

5 YTUJENS-2021-187 Determination Of Usage Potential Of Hypericum Perforatum, Hypericum Capitatum, Centaurea Cyanus Extracts And Creams İn The Cosmetic Industry

6 YTUJENS-2021-192 New Inequalities Of Hermite-Hadamard Type For Functions Whose Second Derivatives Absolute Values Are Exponential Trigonometric Convex

7 YTUJENS-2021-193 Determination Of The Active Molecule As A Potential Drug Against Covid-19 Virus Using Molecular Docking And Hybrid AHP-GRA Method

8 YTUJENS-2021-198 Analysis Of Criteria Acting On Coronavirus

9 YTUJENS-2021-199 Soft Quasi-İdeals Of Soft Near-Rings

10 YTUJENS-2021-200 Analyzing The Relation Between Soft Sets And Topological Polygroups

11 YTUJENS-2021-202 A Review On Magneto Rheological Fluids And Their Applications

12 YTUJENS-2021-203 Optimization Of One-Dimensional Bin Packing Problem Using A Hybrid Flower Pollination Algorithm

13 YTUJENS-2021-205 Computational Analysis Of The Heat And Mass Transfer In A Casson Nanofluid With Variable Inclined Magnetic Field

14 YTUJENS-2021-208 Design And Analysis Of An Improved Single-Phase Quasi-Z-Source Inverter

15 YTUJENS-2021-211 Computation Of The Number Of Legal States For Petri Net Based Deadlock Prevention Problems

16 YTUJENS-2021-368 Fixed Point Theorem For Neutrosophic Extended Metric-Like Spaces And Their Application

17 YTUJENS-2021-391 Solutions to Nonlinear Pseudo Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations with Nonlocal Conditions by Using Residual Power Series Method

18 YTUJENS-2021-467 Estimation Of The Utilization Rates Of The Resources Of A Dental Clinic By Simulation 

19 YTUJENS-2022-34 Exergetic Performance Analysis and Comparison of Oxy-Combustion and Conventional Gas Turbine Power Cycles

20 YTUJENS-2022-54 Earthquake Risk Prioritization via Two-Step Cluster Analysis and Swara-Electre Methods


August 2023 Regular Issue

1 YTUJENS-2021-137 Battery-Friendly Tiny Models for Activity Recognition on Energy-Constrained Devices

2 YTUJENS-2021-140 Network-Based Community Detection Of Early-Stage Covid-19 Pandemic Based On The International Geographical Distance

3 YTUJENS-2021-282 Role of Air Pollution on COVID-19 in Istanbul 

4 YTUJENS-2021-284 Completely, Weakly, Quasi-Regular Semigroups Characterized By Soft Union Quasi İdeals, (Generalized) Bi-İdeals And Semiprime İdeals

5 YTUJENS-2021-290 A 2-Stage Fuzzy Anp Approach For Selection Procedure Of The Optimum Variant Of Office Plan

6 YTUJENS-2021-298 Investigation Of Shear Strength Of SCC Beams With Hybrid Fiber As Experimental And Statistical

7 YTUJENS-2021-299 Techno-Economic And Environmental Analysis Of Microgrid: A Case Study Of Karabuk University

8 YTUJENS-2021-358 Effect Of Elevated Temperatures Exposure On The Mechanical Properties Of Waste Ceramic Concrete Reinforced With Hybrid Fibers Materials

9 YTUJENS-2021-359 The Impact Of Indoor Common Spaces Layout Design On Providing Social Distancing İn Residential Complexes Post COVID- 19

10 YTUJENS-2021-360 Examining The Effects Of Music On Cognitive Skills Of Children In Early Childhood With The Pythagorean Fuzzy Set Approach

11 YTUJENS-2021-375 Lyapunov-Type İnequality For An Anti-Periodic Fractional Boundary Value Problem Of The Riesz-Caputo Derivative

12 YTUJENS-2021-381 Fractional Derivative Analysis Of Asthma With The Effect Of Environmental Factors

13 YTUJENS-2021-382 Solving High-Order Nonlinear Differential Equations Using Operational Matrix Based On Exponential Collocation Method

14 YTUJENS-2021-383 Rough Convergent Functions Defined On Amenable Semigroup

15 YTUJENS-2021-385 A Short Review On Magnesium Alloys İn Multiple Domains

16 YTUJENS-2021-392 Can We Identify The Similarity Of Courses In Computer Science?

17 YTUJENS-2021-398 Studies On Toxicity Of Noscapine Loaded Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles

18 YTUJENS-2021-404 On Orthogonal Fuzzy B-Metric Like Spaces And Their Fixed Point Applications

19 YTUJENS-2021-405 Machining Of Ti–6Al–4V Alloy By Fiber Laser: Determining The Effects Of Parameters On Surface Roughness

20 YTUJENS-2022-123 A Numerical Treatment For The Gilson-Pickering Equation Using Collocation Method With Error Estimation


October 2023 Regular Issue

1 YTUJENS-2021-406 An Overview On Current Trends And Future Outlook Of Hydrogels İn Drug Delivery

2 YTUJENS-2021-409 Wong-Zakai Approximation For Stochastic Models Of Smoking

3 YTUJENS-2021-418 Effects Of Different Cytoplasmic Chaperones On Outer Membrane Solubility in Escherichia Coli; Romp25 Modeling  

4 YTUJENS-2021-429 TRIZ Approach To The Relevant Problem For The Transport Of Assay Tubes: A Case Study On Family Health Centers İn AMASYA

5 YTUJENS-2021-433 Theoretical investigation of low GWP refrigerant mixtures as an alternative to R-134a in a Domestic refrigerator

6 YTUJENS-2021-435 The Quasicompact-Open Topology On Kc(X,Y)

7 YTUJENS-2021-454 Design Optimization Of Railgun’s Electromagnetic Force Using Surrogate Modelling Techniques

8 YTUJENS-2021-464 On The Matrix Representation Of Bezier Curves And Derivatives In $E^3$

9 YTUJENS-2021-465 On Harmonicity And Differential Equations Of A Bertrand Curve

10 YTUJENS-2021-466 Determination of the Breast Cancer Tumor Diameter Using a UWB Microwave Antenna System

11 YTUJENS-2021-472 A New IOT System For Non-Contact Body Temperature Sensing And Warning

12 YTUJENS-2021-477 Increasing The Yield Of Rhamnolipid Produced By Pseudomonas Aeruginosa By Using Toluene

13 YTUJENS-2021-482 Seismic Evaluation Of Tall RC Frames With Hybrid Friction Damper And SMA Designed By PBPD Method 

14 YTUJENS-2021-484 Spinor Representation Of Directional $Q$-Frame

15 YTUJENS-2021-492 A Goal Programming Approach For The Facility Layout Problem With Ergonomic Constraint

16 YTUJENS-2021-494 Optimization Of Wear Parameters & Coefficient Of Friction Of Sic And Graphite Reinforced Hybrid Aluminium Composites

17 YTUJENS-2021-498 The Best Journey İn Turkish Cuisine: Some Meat-Based Ethnic Foods Types And İnvestigation Of Some Water-Soluble Vitamins Compositions By HPLC Procedure

18 YTUJENS-2021-509 Influence Of Silica Nanoparticles On The Stability Of Paraffin Wax Emulsion

19 YTUJENS-2021-513 Application Of The Sumudu Transform To Some Equations With Fractional Derivatives

20 YTUJENS-2021-529 Some New Properties Of Octonionic Matrices


December 2023 Regular Issue

1 YTUJENS-2021-514 Solutions Of Multiplicative Linear Differential Equations Via The Multiplicative Power Series Method

2 YTUJENS-2021-520 An Amalgamation Of Crisp And Fuzzy Quantile Regression Modelan Amalgamation Of Crisp And Fuzzy Quantile Regression Model

3 YTUJENS-2021-525 Determination Of Surface Temperature In Water Bodies With The Use Of Multiband Landsat Satellite Images: Case Study Of Seyfe Lake

4 YTUJENS-2021-528 Seismic Performance Evaluation Of Eccentrically Braced Steel Frame Buildings

5 YTUJENS-2021-531 Investigation The Effects Of Non-Uniform Electric Field On Resonant Tunneling In Superlattices

6 YTUJENS-2021-538 3D Fem Analysis Of Stress Concentrations In A Rectangular Thick Plate With Pzt Inclusions Under Bending

7 YTUJENS-2021-548 On $\Psi$-Quantum Fractional Operators: Existence, Uniqueness And Stability Analysis

8 YTUJENS-2021-551 Controlled Release Of Metformin-Loaded SA/PEG Scaffolds Produced By 3D-Printing Technology

9 YTUJENS-2021-555 First Principles Study Of Structural And Electronic Properties Of Binary Strontium Chalcogenides Under Pressure

10 YTUJENS-2021-559 Comparison Of The Conventional-Rheological Properties Of Iraq Gilsonite And SBS Modified Bitumen

11 YTUJENS-2021-560 Recent Advances in Lithium–ion battery utilization: A mini review

12 YTUJENS-2021-564 Comparison of Speed Control Techniques in Field Oriented Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor: Lyapunov Approach

13 YTUJENS-2021-567 A Method Proposal to Detect User Movement Patterns in Urban Space: The Case of Edirne-Kaleiçi

14 YTUJENS-2021-570 New Results On Lacunary Ideal Convergence In Fuzzy Cone Normed Spaces

15 YTUJENS-2021-577 Detection Of Pneumonia From Pediatric Chest X-Ray Images By Transfer Learning

16 YTUJENS-2021-579 Prediction of Compressive Strength Class of Concrete with Dominance Based Rough Set Approach

17 YTUJENS-2021-580 Modeling And Optimization Of Dynamic-Mechanical Properties Of Hybrid Polymer Composites By Multiple Nonlinear Neuro-Regression Method

18 YTUJENS-2021-596 Novel Analysis Of Lignocellulosic Materials For The Production Of Biofuel

19 YTUJENS-2021-601 Some Quasi Subordinations For Bi-Univalent Functions Related To Symmetric Conjugate Points

20 YTUJENS-2021-603 Bacterial Populations Metabolizing Barley Straw From Agricultural Soils


February 2024 Regular Issue

1 YTUJENS-2021-604 Evaluation and Composition of Lignin content and Biofuel in the Enviroment and Economic Aspect

2 YTUJENS-2021-605 Microbial Fuel Cells in Electricity Generation with Waste Treatment; Alternative Electron Acceptors

3 YTUJENS-2021-606 Phenolic Composition, Total Antioxidant, Antiradical And Antimicrobial Potential Of Endemic Glaucium Alakirensis

4 YTUJENS-2021-609 Comparative Analysis on Real-time Hand Gesture and Sign Language Recognition using Convexity Defects and YOLOv3

5 YTUJENS-2021-610 Xerogel Of Fast Kinetics And High Adsorption Capacity For Cationic Dye Removal

6 YTUJENS-2021-611 Discovery of New Herbal Anthelmintics from Artemisia annua L. via in silico Molecular Docking and in vivo Extract Application

7 YTUJENS-2021-612 Investigation Of The Effect Of Polyvinyle Alcohol Fibers On Mechanical Properties Of The High-Strength Concrete Containing Microsilica

8 YTUJENS-2021-618 Graphene-Based Materials For Bone Tissue Engineering

9 YTUJENS-2021-621 A Novel Application For DC Motor-Generator Cascade System By Changing The Signal Density Of The Digital Chaotic Oscillator

10 YTUJENS-2021-623 A Novel Comprehensive Note On The Refinements Of Hermite--Hadamard Type Integral Inequalities

11 YTUJENS-2021-625 New Exact Solutions for the Boiti-Leon-Manna-Pempinelli Equation

12 YTUJENS-2021-626 Investigation Of Friction Behavior Of Tio2:Al2O3 Composite Coating Formed On Aa2024 Alloy By Micro-Arc Oxidation

13 YTUJENS-2021-629 Evaluating The Campus Climate Factors Using An Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Anp

14 YTUJENS-2021-635 Reliability Analysis Of Shear Strength Prediction Of Rc Beams

15 YTUJENS-2022-1 Disjoint maximal arcs in projective planes of order 16

16 YTUJENS-2022-3 Hand Warmer Types, Silica And Zeolite 4a As Potential Hand Warmers

17 YTUJENS-2022-12 Characterizations of Tzitzeica Curves Using Flc Frame

18 YTUJENS-2022-13 LYS Semi-supported Infill Plate as a Ductile End-Diaphragm in Slab-on-Girder Steel Bridges

19 YTUJENS-2022-23 Antioxidant And Antimicrobial Potentials Of Functional Food Arum Dioscoridis

20 YTUJENS-2022-28 A Single-Phase Solid-State Fault Current Limiter: Simulation And Experimental Study


April 2024 Regular Issue

1 YTUJENS-2022-29 The Effect Of Hesperidin On Neuron-Specific Enolase And Oxidative Damage In The Pre-Eclampsia Model

2 YTUJENS-2022-32 Solutions of Linear Fredholm Integral Equations with the Three-Step Iteration Method

3 YTUJENS-2022-36 Pre-Coagulated Landfill Leachate Treatment By Synergistic Ultraviolet And Electro-Persulfate Process

4 YTUJENS-2022-41 Prediction of Inelastic Displacement Ratios for Evaluation of Degrading SDOF Systems: A Comparison of the Scaled Conjugate Gradient and Bayesian Regularized Artificial Neural Network Modeling

5 YTUJENS-2022-47 Comparison of Several Anthropometric Measurements and Blood Lipid‑Related Indexes in Metabolic-Dysfunction Associated Fatty Liver Disease in Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study

6 YTUJENS-2022-50 Rehydration Characteristics And Kinetics Of Traditionally Dried Mussels At Different Temperatures

7 YTUJENS-2022-51 A New Classification-based Approach for Multi-focus Image Fusion

8 YTUJENS-2022-55 Effect Of Graphene On The Creep And Stress Relaxation Behaviors Of Epoxy-Nanocomposite In Viscoplastic Deformation Regime

9 YTUJENS-2022-56 Investigation Of Heavy Metal Concentrations And Determination Of Estimated Daily Intake And Health Risk Index Infant Formula And Baby Foods In Zahedan In 2020

10 YTUJENS-2022-62 Modeling And Analysis Of Schottky Diode Bridge And Jfet Based Liénard Oscillator Circuit

11 YTUJENS-2022-69 The Effect Of Production Parameters Of Crab And Shrimp Based Chitosan On The Adsorption Of Aluminum And Lead

12 YTUJENS-2022-71 The Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter Approach For The Lotka-Volterra Model And Application To Economic Variables

13 YTUJENS-2022-85 On A Non-Riemannian Quantity Of (Α; Β)-Metrics

14 YTUJENS-2022-86 On A Boundary Value Problem With Symmetric Double Well Potential And Spectral Parameter In The Boundary Condition

15 YTUJENS-2022-87 Pricing for Longevity Risk in Long-Term Care Insurance

16 YTUJENS-2022-91 Anthocyanin And Bioactivity Properties Of Berberis Crategina DC. In Buffer System And Apple Juice: Impact Of Temperature, Time, And Ph; Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network

17 YTUJENS-2022-95 Investigating the Usability of Kevlar and Steel Fibers as a Hybrid in Concrete Pavements

18 YTUJENS-2022-107 Physiological, Genetic and Transcriptional Characterization of Fusarium graminearum Isolates

19 YTUJENS-2022-118  Revisiting The Crack Closure And Its Effect On Fatigue Life Of Components

20 YTUJENS-2022-121 Inspection of Power Transmission Line Insulators with Autonomous Quadcopter and SSD Network


June 2024 Regular Issue

1 YTUJENS-2022-26 Analysis of Network Useful Life and Cost-Benefits for Sustainable Water Management

2 YTUJENS-2022-126 Experimental Analysis Of A Shake Table Test Of Strip Footing On Two Layered Reinforced Soil

3 YTUJENS-2022-134 Usage Of Himalayan Salt In White Cheese Production As A Brine To Improve Rheological And Sensorial Properties

4 YTUJENS-2022-136 A Case Study On Lean Occupational Safety

5 YTUJENS-2022-138 Examination of Strength Reduction Factor in CFRP-Confined Columns under Axial Compression

6 YTUJENS-2022-143 Comparison Of Feature-Based Sentence Ranking Methods For Extractive Summarization Of Turkish News Texts

7 YTUJENS-2022-145 Matrix Variate Skew Laplace Distribution

8 YTUJENS-2022-150 Corrosion Behavior of N80 Tubing Steel in the Produced Water

9 YTUJENS-2022-158 Comparative Performance Analysis of Epsilon-Insensitive and Pruning-Based Algorithms for Sparse Least Squares Support Vector Regression

10 YTUJENS-2022-170 Low Noise Amplifier Design for Hidden Wireless LAN Applications using Band Pass Filter with Geometric Mean Prototype Element Values

11 YTUJENS-2022-179 Secure Encryption over The Ring F2+uF2+vF2+uvF2

12 YTUJENS-2022-180 1D Fuzzy Inverse Logic Method And Its Use In The Design Of Thick Reinforced Concrete Columns

13 YTUJENS-2022-186 Turkish Coffee Suppresses The Progression Of C6 Glioma Cells Via The Activation Of Apoptosis

14 YTUJENS-2022-194 Vector Autoregressive Clustering For Redundancy Analysis In Air Pollution Monitoring Networks At Turkey

15 YTUJENS-2022-323 A Comparative Analysis of Software-Defined Network Controllers in Terms of Network Forensics Processes and Capabilities

16 YTUJENS-2022-380 Modeling of Wind Speed using Differential Evolution: Istanbul Case



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