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Publication Schedule 2024 & 2025

Publication Schedule of 2024 & 2025

We Cannot Publish These Papers !!!

No Word File ... YTUJENS-2020-366 Modeling Of Gigabit Passive Optical Networks

No Word File ... YTUJENS-2021-358 Effect Of Elevated Temperatures Exposure On The Mechanical Properties Of Waste Ceramic Concrete Reinforced With Hybrid Fibers Materials

No Word File ... YTUJENS-2021-548 On $\Psi$-Quantum Fractional Operators: Existence, Uniqueness And Stability Analysis


February 2024/1 Regular Issue Volume 42 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1 YTUJENS-2021-381 Fractional Derivative Analysis Of Asthma With The Effect Of Environmental Factors

2 YTUJENS-2021-482 Seismic Evaluation Of Tall RC Frames With Hybrid Friction Damper And SMA Designed By PBPD Method 

3 YTUJENS-2021-520 An Amalgamation Of Crisp And Fuzzy Quantile Regression Modelan Amalgamation Of Crisp And Fuzzy Quantile Regression Model

4 YTUJENS-2021-601 Some Quasi Subordinations For Bi-Univalent Functions Related To Symmetric Conjugate Points

5 YTUJENS-2021-604 Evaluation and Composition of Lignin content and Biofuel in the Enviroment and Economic Aspect

6 YTUJENS-2021-605 Microbial Fuel Cells in Electricity Generation with Waste Treatment; Alternative Electron Acceptors

7 YTUJENS-2021-606 Phenolic Composition, Total Antioxidant, Antiradical And Antimicrobial Potential Of Endemic Glaucium Alakirensis

8 YTUJENS-2021-609 Comparative Analysis on Real-time Hand Gesture and Sign Language Recognition using Convexity Defects and YOLOv3

9 YTUJENS-2021-610 Xerogel Of Fast Kinetics And High Adsorption Capacity For Cationic Dye Removal

10 YTUJENS-2021-611 Discovery of New Herbal Anthelmintics from Artemisia annua L. via in silico Molecular Docking and in vivo Extract Application

11 YTUJENS-2021-612 Investigation Of The Effect Of Polyvinyle Alcohol Fibers On Mechanical Properties Of The High-Strength Concrete Containing Microsilica

12 YTUJENS-2021-618 Graphene-Based Materials For Bone Tissue Engineering

13 YTUJENS-2021-621 A Novel Application For DC Motor-Generator Cascade System By Changing The Signal Density Of The Digital Chaotic Oscillator

14 YTUJENS-2021-623 A Novel Comprehensive Note On The Refinements Of Hermite--Hadamard Type Integral Inequalities

15 YTUJENS-2021-625 New Exact Solutions for the Boiti-Leon-Manna-Pempinelli Equation

16 YTUJENS-2021-626 Investigation Of Friction Behavior Of Tio2:Al2O3 Composite Coating Formed On Aa2024 Alloy By Micro-Arc Oxidation

17 YTUJENS-2021-629 Evaluating The Campus Climate Factors Using An Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Anp

18 YTUJENS-2021-635 Reliability Analysis Of Shear Strength Prediction Of Rc Beams

19 YTUJENS-2022-1 Disjoint maximal arcs in projective planes of order 16

20 YTUJENS-2022-3 Hand Warmer Types, Silica And Zeolite 4a As Potential Hand Warmers

21 YTUJENS-2022-12 Characterizations of Tzitzeica Curves Using Flc Frame

22 YTUJENS-2022-13 LYS Semi-supported Infill Plate as a Ductile End-Diaphragm in Slab-on-Girder Steel Bridges

23 YTUJENS-2022-23 Antioxidant And Antimicrobial Potentials Of Functional Food Arum Dioscoridis

24 YTUJENS5 A Single-Phase Solid-State Fault Current Limiter: Simulation And Experimental Study

25 YTUJENS-2022-29 The Effect Of Hesperidin On Neuron-Specific Enolase And Oxidative Damage In The Pre-Eclampsia Model

26 YTUJENS-2022-32 Solutions of Linear Fredholm Integral Equations with the Three-Step Iteration Method

27 YTUJENS-2022-36 Pre-Coagulated Landfill Leachate Treatment By Synergistic Ultraviolet And Electro-Persulfate Process

28 YTUJENS-2022-41 Prediction of Inelastic Displacement Ratios for Evaluation of Degrading SDOF Systems: A Comparison of the Scaled Conjugate Gradient and Bayesian Regularized Artificial Neural Network Modeling

29 YTUJENS-2022-47 Comparison of Several Anthropometric Measurements and Blood Lipid‑Related Indexes in Metabolic-Dysfunction Associated Fatty Liver Disease in Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study

30 YTUJENS-2023-72 Machine Learning Classification Models For The Patients Who Have Heart Failure


April 2024/2 Regular Issue Volume 42 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1 YTUJENS-2022-26 Analysis of Network Useful Life and Cost-Benefits for Sustainable Water Management

2 YTUJENS-2022-51 A New Classification-based Approach for Multi-focus Image Fusion

3 YTUJENS-2022-55 Effect Of Graphene On The Creep And Stress Relaxation Behaviors Of Epoxy-Nanocomposite In Viscoplastic Deformation Regime

4 YTUJENS-2022-56 Investigation Of Heavy Metal Concentrations And Determination Of Estimated Daily Intake And Health Risk Index Infant Formula And Baby Foods In Zahedan In 2020

5 YTUJENS-2022-62 Modeling And Analysis Of Schottky Diode Bridge And Jfet Based Liénard Oscillator Circuit

6 YTUJENS-2022-71 The Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter Approach For The Lotka-Volterra Model And Application To Economic Variables

7 YTUJENS-2022-85 On A Non-Riemannian Quantity Of (Α; Β)-Metrics

8 YTUJENS-2022-86 On A Boundary Value Problem With Symmetric Double Well Potential And Spectral Parameter In The Boundary Condition

9 YTUJENS-2022-87 Pricing for Longevity Risk in Long-Term Care Insurance

10 YTUJENS-2022-88 Influence Of Burnishing Process On Surface Integrity Of Inconel 718 Fabricated By Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing

11 YTUJENS-2022-91 Anthocyanin And Bioactivity Properties Of Berberis Crategina DC. In Buffer System And Apple Juice: Impact Of Temperature, Time, And Ph; Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network

12 YTUJENS-2022-95 Investigating the Usability of Kevlar and Steel Fibers as a Hybrid in Concrete Pavements

13 YTUJENS-2022-107 Physiological, Genetic and Transcriptional Characterization of Fusarium graminearum Isolates

14 YTUJENS-2022-118  Revisiting The Crack Closure And Its Effect On Fatigue Life Of Components

15 YTUJENS-2022-121 Inspection of Power Transmission Line Insulators with Autonomous Quadcopter and SSD Network

16 YTUJENS-2022-126 Experimental Analysis Of A Shake Table Test Of Strip Footing On Two Layered Reinforced Soil

17 YTUJENS-2022-134 Usage Of Himalayan Salt In White Cheese Production As A Brine To Improve Rheological And Sensorial Properties

18 YTUJENS-2022-136 A Case Study On Lean Occupational Safety

19 YTUJENS-2022-138 Examination of Strength Reduction Factor in CFRP-Confined Columns under Axial Compression

20 YTUJENS-2022-143 Comparison Of Feature-Based Sentence Ranking Methods For Extractive Summarization Of Turkish News Texts

21 YTUJENS-2022-145 Matrix Variate Skew Laplace Distribution

22 YTUJENS-2022-150 Corrosion Behavior of N80 Tubing Steel in the Produced Water

23 YTUJENS-2022-158 Comparative Performance Analysis of Epsilon-Insensitive and Pruning-Based Algorithms for Sparse Least Squares Support Vector Regression

24 YTUJENS-2022-170 Low Noise Amplifier Design for Hidden Wireless LAN Applications using Band Pass Filter with Geometric Mean Prototype Element Values

25 YTUJENS-2022-179 Secure Encryption over The Ring F2+uF2+vF2+uvF2

26 YTUJENS-2022-180 1D Fuzzy Inverse Logic Method And Its Use In The Design Of Thick Reinforced Concrete Columns

27 YTUJENS-2022-186 Turkish Coffee Suppresses The Progression Of C6 Glioma Cells Via The Activation Of Apoptosis

28 YTUJENS-2022-189 Investigation Of Mechanical Properties Of Copper-Graphene Composites In Terms Of Production Methods And Additive Ratios: A Review

29 YTUJENS-2022-194 Vector Autoregressive Clustering For Redundancy Analysis In Air Pollution Monitoring Networks At Turkey

30 YTUJENS-2022-323 A Comparative Analysis of Software-Defined Network Controllers in Terms of Network Forensics Processes and Capabilities


June 2024/3 Regular Issue Volume 42 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1 YTUJENS-2022-110 Investigation Of Stability And Activity Of Quaternized Zinc Phthalocyanine Photosensitizer With Fused Extended Conjugation In Vitro Conditions

2 YTUJENS-2022-140 A New Application Of Fractional Glucose-Insulin Model And Numerical Solutions

3 YTUJENS-2022-167 Use of Scattering Parameters Measured via a Patch Antenna and Processed via Regression Analysis for Flash Point Prediction of Flammable Liquid Mixtures

4 YTUJENS-2022-177 Investigation Of Using Strain Gauge In Tension, Torsion And Bending Experiments

5 YTUJENS-2022-190 The Effect Of Vacuum On The Drying Kinetics And Mathematical Modelling Of Blueberries

6 YTUJENS-2022-324 Numerical Investigation Of The Dynamic Behavior Of Karun 3 And Maropoint Dams Under Non-Uniform Excitation

7 YTUJENS-2022-326 The Effects Of Using Lithium On Biochemical Factors Of Urinary Beta-2 Microglobulin, Creatinine And Urea Serum In Chronic Bipolar Patients

8 YTUJENS-2022-333 Iterative Ensemble Pseudo-Labeling for Convolutional Neural Networks

9 YTUJENS-2022-336 An Investigation On The Estimation Of The Impact Factors Of Pandemic Deaths With Artificial Neural Network And Multiple Regression Algorithms: COVID-19 Case

10 YTUJENS-2022-338 Provide A Model For Acquisition And Recording Of Organizational Lessons Learned In The Framework Of The Knowledge Handbook With Emphasis On Effective Components

11 YTUJENS-2022-339 The Utilization Of Lathe Waste As A Catalyst For The Treatment Of Landfill Leachate In Supercritical Water Conditions

12 YTUJENS-2022-342 Cost and Duration Estimation of Autonomous Grading Algorithm by Simulation

13 YTUJENS-2022-344 Reserve Estimation Using Paid And Incurred Claims Information

14 YTUJENS-2022-345 Clustering Approach With Self-Organizing Maps For Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Response To Post-Earthquake Fires: An Application For Istanbul

15 YTUJENS-2022-346 Rapid Parameter Estimation Of Four Non-Linear Growth Models For Analyzing The Growth Of Escherichia Coli

16 YTUJENS-2022-349 Modeling OVRP with Real Life Costs And Solving via Hybrid Civilized Genetic Algorithm  

17 YTUJENS-2022-356 The Stability Analysis Of A Neural Field Model With Small Delay

18 YTUJENS-2022-365 Photocatalytic Degradation Of Diclofenac (An Emerging Contaminant): Effects Of Photocatalyst Amount And Air Flow Rate

19 YTUJENS-2022-373 Investigation Of Carbonate Addition On Essential Element Concentrations In Various Teas

20 YTUJENS-2022-378 The Evaluation Of Structural Differences Between The Sleep Eegs Of Depressive And Normal Subjects By Using Itakura Distance Measure: A Preliminary Study

21 YTUJENS-2022-380 Modeling of Wind Speed using Differential Evolution: Istanbul Case

22 YTUJENS-2022-382 Theoretical And Practical Analysis Of Parallel Operating Conditions Of Two Transformers With Different Relative Short Circuit Voltages

23 YTUJENS-2022-393 Eriocitrin Derivatives And Their Anthelmintic Potentials

24 YTUJENS-2022-398 Lie Symmetry Analysis Of Caputo Time-Fractional K(m,n) Model Equations With Variable Coefficients

25 YTUJENS-2022-403 Prediction Of Non-Revenue Water Ratio In Water Distribution Systems

26 YTUJENS-2022-411 Experimental Investigation And FEM Analysis Of Chip Morphology In The Turning Of ASTM F-75 CoCrMo Alloy

27 YTUJENS-2022-412 Higher Order Theory Based Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates Using Functions Trigonometric and Trigonometric-Hyperbolic

28 YTUJENS-2022-428 A Systematic Comparative Study Of Popular Biomim etic Intelligence Techniques

29 YTUJENS-2022-429 A Research On Mathematical Model Approaches In Biomass Supply Chain 

30 YTUJENS-2022-461 Port Waste Reception Facilities in Iron-Steel Industry: A Case Study from Turkey


August 2024/4 Regular Issue Volume 42 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1  YTUJENS-2022-417 Evaluation Of Energy Consumption And Noise Reduction Change Of A Strengthened Building: An Educational Building Case

2 YTUJENS-2022-421 Investigation Of The Cytotoxic Effects Of Juglone On C6 Glioma Cell Line

3 YTUJENS-2022-422 An Exploratory Study On The Critical Features Of Construction Project Planning Software

4 YTUJENS-2022-432 Performance Estimation of Parallel System under Online and Offline Preventive Maintenance

5 YTUJENS-2022-434 Effects Of High Volume Cementitious Ingredients On Long Term Properties Of Self Compacting Concrete

6 YTUJENS-2022-441 Characterization Of Sol-Gel Derived Nio Thin Films: Effect Of Post-Heat Treatment

7 YTUJENS-2022-446 Synthesis of Silica Xeorogel@Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxide Composite for CO2 Capture

8 YTUJENS-2022-451 Calculation Of Buckling Loads Of IPE-Section Bending Members Based On Optimization Of Analytical Formulations

9 YTUJENS-2022-460 Automatic Unit Test Generator Software By Collecting Run-Time Data

10 YTUJENS-2022-475 Comparison Of Bayesian Estimation Methods For Scale Parameters Of Inverse Weibull Distribution Under The Different Loss Functions

11 YTUJENS-2022-499 RAMD Analysis of Mixed Standby Serial Textile Manufacturing System

12 YTUJENS-2022-501 A New Modelling Approach For Air Transportation: A Case Study For Total Number Of Air Passengers Per Month

13 YTUJENS-2022-507 Operational Matrix For Multi-Order Fractional Differential Equations With Hermite Polynomials

14 YTUJENS-2022-511 Evaluation Of Properties For Synthetic Polymers In Medicine

15 YTUJENS-2023-1 Reliability Estimation Of Manufacturing System With Four Human Operators

16 YTUJENS-2023-6 Unlocking Biogas Production Potential: Evaluating The Environmental Impact And Biodegradability Of Pharmaceutical And Medical Wastes

17 YTUJENS-2023-7 Blocking Harmful Images With A Deep Learning Based Next Generation Firewall

18 YTUJENS-2023-10 The Effect Of Marble Waste In The Production Of Low-Temperature Porous Material From Alkali-Activated Fly Ash

19 YTUJENS-2023-11 A New Improvement Technique For Expansive Soils

20 YTUJENS-2023-15 New Moving Frames For The Curves Lying On A Surface

21 YTUJENS-2023-23 Cognitive Activity Detection and Tracing System

22 YTUJENS-2023-25 MHD Natural Convection In A Square Cavity Filled With Carbon Nanotube-Water Nanofluid With Two Isothermal Fins

23 YTUJENS-2023-30 Reliability Estimation Of A Fault Coverage Distributed System With Replacement Options Under Four Different Scenarios

24 YTUJENS-2023-37 Optimization Of Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction Of Protein From The By-Product Of The Hazelnut Oil Industry Using Reverse Micelles

25 YTUJENS-2023-39 Two-Stage Clustering And Routing Problem By Using FCM And K-Means With Genetic Algorithm

26 YTUJENS-2023-41 Solving Difference Equations Using Fourier Transform Method

27 YTUJENS-2023-48 The Effect Of Photobioreactor Height/Diameter Ratio On Chlorella Variabilis Microalgae Growth And Oil Production Efficiency

28 YTUJENS-2023-53 Performance Estimation Of Honeynet System For Network Security Enhancement Via Copula Linguistic

29 YTUJENS-2023-57 Modeling Asymmetrically Dependent Automobile Bodily Injury Claim Data Using Khoudraji Copulas

30 YTUJENS-2023-61 Analysis Of Grover’s Quantum Search Algorithm On A Classical Computer: Identifying Opportunities For Improvement


October 2024/5 Regular Issue Volume 42 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1 YTUJENS-2023-62 A Study On I-Lacunary Statistical Convergence Of Multiset Sequences

2 YTUJENS-2023-72 Machine Learning Classification Models For The Patients Who Have Heart Failure

3 YTUJENS-2023-74 Treatment Of Textile Wastewater In Combined Granular Activated Carbon-Membrane Bioreactor (GAC-MBR)

4 YTUJENS-2023-78 Approximate Solutions Of The Fractional Harry Dym Equation

5 YTUJENS-2023-81 Modelling And Implementation Of Demand-Side Energy Management System With Novel Learning Method For Future Smart Grids

6 YTUJENS-2023-92 Enhancing Road Safety Through Blackspots Mitigative Measures - A Review

7 YTUJENS-2023-100 Robust Methods For Detecting Bad Leverage Point In Logistic Regression

8 YTUJENS-2023-101 A Method For Building A Robust Strategy Map Using Mathematical Programming Considering Different Scenarios

9 YTUJENS-2023-114 Determination Of Radical Scavenging, Secondary Metabolite Amount And Toxicity Of Onopordum Bracteatum Extracts

10 YTUJENS-2023-124 Assessment Of Musculoskeletal Disorders And Mental Workload Among Office Workers In The Automotive Industry

11 YTUJENS-2023-126 Human Lower-Extremity Movement Classification Based On Biomechanical Sensor Data: Machine Learning Approach

12 YTUJENS-2023-133 Technical And Economical Comparison Of Hydraulic And Traction Elevators With VDI 2225 Method

13 YTUJENS-2023-134 Exploring Multilingual Reviews For Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Using Lexicon And Bert

14 YTUJENS-2023-136 Study On Pedestrian Crossing Decision At The Roundabouts In Shivamogga City

15 YTUJENS-2023-137 Variation Of NPY And AGRP mRNA Expression In Syrian Hamsters According To Feeding Times

16 YTUJENS-2023-140 Ostracod (Crustacea) Biodiversity As Pollution Indicators In The Cauvery River Tiruchirappalli

17 YTUJENS-2023-147 The Evaluation Of The Effect Of Data Balancing Over The Classification Performances Of Ensemble Of Networks For The Diabetic Retinopathy

18 YTUJENS-2023-157 Artificial Neural Network And Multiple Regression Analysis For Predicting Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Of Al 7068 Aerospace Alloy

19 YTUJENS-2023-158 Robust Power Stabilizing Control Of A Grid-Connected Inverter Using Linear Matrix Inequality

20 YTUJENS-2023-160 A Heteroscedastic Regression Model With The Generalized Normal Distribution

21 YTUJENS-2023-164 Some Approximations And Identities From Special Sequences For The Vertices Of Suborbital Graphs

22 YTUJENS-2023-167 A Novel Machine Learning-Based Artificial Intelligence Approach For Log Analysis Using Blockchain Technology

23 YTUJENS-2023-175 Contribution Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Construction Project Management Processes: State Of The Art With Scoping Review Method

24 YTUJENS-2023-184 A Novel Alternative Algorithm A To Find All Multiple Solutions Of General Integer Linear Programs

25 YTUJENS-2023-192 A Comparative Study on Hybrid GA-PSO Performance for Stand-Alone Hybrid Energy Systems Optimization

26 YTUJENS-2023-199 Reliability And Availability Analyses Of An Industrial System With Two Subsystems Arranged In Series-Parallel

27 YTUJENS-2023-203 Development And Application Of The Truss Method On Masonry Walls To Determine The In-Plane Behavior: A Parametric Study

28 YTUJENS-2023-209 Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Using GPR And SMOTE

29 YTUJENS-2023-214 A Sample Application For Scheduling Search And Rescue Teams In An Earthquake Disaster

30 YTUJENS-2023-216 Determination Of Stress Magnification Factor In Welded Joint By Experimental And Numerical Analysis Using Ultra-High-Strength Steel


December 2024/6 Regular Issue Volume 42 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1 YTUJENS-2023-219 Investigation Of Using Cave Bacteria In The Production Of Self-Healing Mortars

2 YTUJENS-2023-223 Isolation Of Kerosene-Degrading Bacteria From Soil Samples And Determination Of Optimal Growth Conditions

3 YTUJENS-2023-224 Investigation Of Machinability By Electrical Discharge Machining Method Of ZA27 MWCNT Composites Produced By Powder Metallurgy 

4 YTUJENS-2023-225 Modified Genetic Algorithm With Novel Crossover And Mutation Operator In Travelling Salesman Problem 

5 YTUJENS-2023-229 Interacting With Chatgpt: Impact On Students And Teaching-Learning

6 YTUJENS-2023-239 Acoustic Emission Reduction In Vehicles By Using MPP Structures In Wheel Arch Liner Structures

7 YTUJENS-2023-253 Detection Of Covid-19 Infection By Using Raman Spectroscopy Of Serum Samples And Machine Learning

8 YTUJENS-2023-257 Effects Of SiO2 And Al2O3 Nanoparticles On The Properties Of Borogypsum Containing Mortar

9 YTUJENS-2023-259 A Comparative Study On The Machining Performance Of Eco-Friendly Low-Lead And Lead-Free Brass Alloys In Replacement For Leaded Ones

10 YTUJENS-2023-266 Computational Method To Solve Davey-Stewartson Model And Maccari’s System

11 YTUJENS-2023-272 A Complete Study On And-Product Of Soft Sets

12 YTUJENS-2023-276 The Effect Of Concrete Reinforced With Carbon Fibers And Pozzolan On The Physical Properties Of Concrete

13 YTUJENS-2023-279 Experimental Study On Different Properties Of Cenosphere Based Concrete Using Calcium Lactate

14 YTUJENS-2023-165 Controlling of NaBH4 Hydrolysis by Synthetic Ni-Co cited and MOFs Supported Novel Catalyst and Determination of Kinetic Parameters

15 YTUJENS-2023-174 Spatial Analysis of Earthquakes in and around the region of Northern Anatolian Fault Zone

16 YTUJENS-2023-179 The Ergonomic Posture Assessment By Comparing Reba With Rula & Owas: A Case Study In A Gas Springs Factory

17 YTUJENS-2023-188 Perspective On The Production, Characterisation And Physio-Mechanical Behaviour Of Bioplastics From Different Biomass Feedstocks 

18 YTUJENS-2023-212 Security In UAV Ecosystem An Implementation Perspective 

19 YTUJENS-2023-227 Fluoro Functionality Zinc Phthalocyanine: Photophysicochemical Properties For Photodynamic Effects

20 YTUJENS-2023-232 Turkish Sentiment Analysis: A Comprehensive Review 

21 YTUJENS-2023-233 (2+1)-Dimensional New Bi-Hamiltonian Integrable System: Symmetries, Noether’s Theorem And Integrals Of Motion

22 YTUJENS-2023-241 Analytical Methodology For The Design Of Load-Bearing Anisotropic Panels For The Wingbox Of A Light Aircraft Subject To Geometric Nonlinearity Under Compression 

23 YTUJENS-2023-244 Synergistic Integration of RAM Methodology for Augmenting Reliability and Efficiency in Solar Irrigation Systems: A Comprehensive Study for Sustainable Rural Farming 

24 YTUJENS-2023-255 Enhancement Of Leachate Treatment Process Through Integration Of Flat Solar Collectors

25 YTUJENS-2023-265 On Inclusion Probabilities For Weighted Random Sampling Without Replacement

26 YTUJENS-2023-284 Scrutiny Of Flow And Heat Transfer Characteristics Of Hybrid Nanofluid Passing Through A Squeezing Channel

27 YTUJENS-2023-298 Nanoscale Detection Of Ovarian Cancer Biomarker Detection Of Ovarian Cancer Biomarker

28 YTUJENS-2023-304 Utilizing Artificial Neural Networks (Ann) For Predictive Modeling Of Sulfate Removal From Water

29 YTUJENS-2023-330 An Explicit Solution Of Linear Conformable Fractional Systems With Variable Coefficients

30 YTUJENS-2023-362 Finite Element Contact Analysis Of The Hollow Cylindrical Roller Bearings


February 2025/1 Regular Issue Volume 43 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1 YTUJENS-2023-313 Evaluation Of COVID-19 Mortality Using Machine Learning Regression Methods Based On Health System Indicators

2 YTUJENS-2023-331 Modelling And Control Of A Reaction Wheel Pendulum Using A Linear Quadratic Regulator

3 YTUJENS-2023-337 On Solutions Of Time Fractional Order Random Hiv/Aids Modelling

4 YTUJENS-2023-339 Application Of Response Surface Methodology In The Optimisation Of Polymer Concrete Mechanical Properties

5 YTUJENS-2023-340 Modeling Of Adsorptive Properties And Regeneration Of Ihiala Clay On Removal Of Congo Red (CR) Dyes Using ANN, ANFIS, And RSM Cum Kinetics Investigation.

6 YTUJENS-2023-342 Design And Development Of Carbon Quantum Dot-Assisted Fiber Optic UV-A Sensor

7 YTUJENS-2023-355 Analysis Of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equation Of Traveling Wave Solutions With An Effective Method

8 YTUJENS-2023-366 Studies On Strength Aspect And Effective Use Of Medical Face Mask To Make A Sustainable Green Fiber Reinforced Concrete

9 YTUJENS-2023-378 Free Vibration And Buckling Analysis Of Functionally Graded Sandwich Beams Resting On A Two-Parameter Elastic Foundation Using A Quasi-3D Theory

10 YTUJENS-2023-250 Effective Removal Of Fluoxetine Using Different Dimensionally Stable Anodes (DSA) In An Electro-Oxidation Process

11 YTUJENS-2023-322 Testing Equality Of Two-Parameter Exponentially Distributed Mean Lifetimes Under Unequal Failure Rates 

12 YTUJENS-2023-336 Development Of An Alternative Kombucha Drink From Gilaburu Juice: Gilaburu Flavoured Kombucha 

13 YTUJENS-2023-350 Comparative Study Of Arc Elongation Of Flat And Inclined Splitter Plates In Arc Chamber Of Moulded Case Circuit Breaker 

14 YTUJENS-2023-359 Synthesis Of Sensitizer Containing Triphenylamine As Donor Group And Investigation Of Solar Cell Applicability 

15 YTUJENS-2023-370 Smart Attendance Monitoring System Using Multimodal Biometrics 

16 YTUJENS-2023-371 Microbiological, Rheological Properties And Aroma Composition Of Flower And Pine Honey-Added Ayran 

17 YTUJENS-2023-397 Comparison Of NSGA-II And MODE Performances By Using MCDM Methods For Multi-Response Experimental Data 

18 YTUJENS-2023-403 Comparative Evaluation Of Plane-Bending Fatigue Behavior Of Resistance Spot-Welded Joints In Dual-Phase Steels Of Different Strength Levels 

19 YTUJENS-2023-185 Numerical Investigation Of Free Rotor Aerodynamics 

20 YTUJENS-2023-288 On Unique Solvability Of Linear Complementarity Problems, Horizontal Linear Complementarity Problems And An N-Absolute Value Equations 

21 YTUJENS-2023-300 A Full Factorial Experimental Design-Based Approach To Determine Hotel Room Pricing: The Case Of Antalya, Turkey   

22 YTUJENS-2023-308 The Effects Of Quality Factors On The Wireless Power Transfer 

23 YTUJENS-2023-341 Cut Topology Generated By Generalized Triangular Fuzzy Numbers 

24 YTUJENS-2023-379 Design And Implementation Of A Novel Seeding Drone 

25 YTUJENS-2023-385 Statistical Exploration For Enlargement Of Reformed Water Cement Ratio Law For Fly Ash Concrete 

26 YTUJENS-2023-388 Analysis And Floorplan Of Multimedia Design Floorplan For Internet Of Things 

27 YTUJENS-2023-439 Improved Maximum Likelihood Estimators For The Parameters Of The Two-Parameter Lindley Distribution 

28 YTUJENS-2023-451 Development Of Pavement Maintenance Management System For An Urban Areas Based Upon Multiple Linear Regression Analysis 

29 YTUJENS-2023-463 Examining The Role Of Nano-Sized Additives In Boosting Air Conditioner Efficiency 

30 YTUJENS-2023-424 Evaluation Of Hydraulic Jump Characteristics In Rough Sloping Surfaces For Sustainable Environment: A Laboratory Investigation 


April 2025/2 Regular Issue Volume 43 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers) 

1 YTUJENS-2023-210 A Secure Framework For Multimedia Transmission In Medical Images Using Dna Cryptography 

2 YTUJENS-2023-251 Continuous Dependence Of Solutions To A Fourth Order Evolution Equation 

3 YTUJENS-2023-309 A Novel Bulk Driven Current Differential Transconductance Amplifier And Its Applications 

4 YTUJENS-2023-310 The Effect Of Alternative Measurement And Evaluation Techniques On Safety Performance In Employee Training 

5 YTUJENS-2023-314 A Technique For Determining The Prices Of Steam And Electricity Generated In The Sugar Cogeneration Industry 

6 YTUJENS-2023-375 Insights Into The Use Of Composites Reinforced With Natural Fibers In Architectural Applications, With A Focus On Kenaf Fiber 

7 YTUJENS-2023-387 Conversion Efficiency By Circularly Polarized Laser Pulse With Two Different Spin States In Magnetized Quantum Plasma  

8 YTUJENS-2023-396 MHD Upper-Convected Maxwell Hybrid Nano Fluid Over A Stretching Sheet: A Numerical Treatment 

9 YTUJENS-2023-407 Applicability Of The Constitutive GAP Promoter For Recombinant Human Insulin Hormone Production In Pichia Pastoris 

10 YTUJENS-2023-408 A Real-Time HVAC Load And Home Microgrid Scheduling Strategy Under Demand Response Program 

11 YTUJENS-2023-416 Application Of An Improved Edge Detection Algorithm In Fundus Images 

12 YTUJENS-2023-421 Reduce Childhood Obesity Via New Form Of Nano Hexa Topological Space 

13 YTUJENS-2023-450 Bim In Ppp Projects Comprehensive Performance Evaluation Framework: A Literature-Based Analysis 

14 YTUJENS-2023-475 Extension Of Jaccard Distance Measure For Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets   

15 YTUJENS-2023-481 Investigation Of Fractional Order Covid-19 Model With Q-Homotopy Analysis Transform Method (Q-Hatm) 

16 YTUJENS-2024-18 Thermal And Emission Analysis Of Spark Ignition (S.I) Engine Using Premium Gasoline-Ethanol-Paraffin Blends With Different Operating Conditions 

17 YTUJENS-2024-28 Numerical And Experimental Investigation Of Cross Cut Angle Impact On Heat Transfer In Microchannels  

18 YTUJENS-2024-32 New Ranking And New Algorithm For Tackling Pentagonal Neutrosophic Transportation Issue With Applications 

19 YTUJENS-2024-35 Development Of Ultrasonic Helical Sensor Using Pulse Echo Technique For Monitoring The Fuel Mixtures 

20 YTUJENS-2024-41 A Hybrid Model Of Random Forest Ensemble And Resample For Cardiotocography Data Classification 

21 YTUJENS-2024-42 Phase-Mismatch Third Harmonic Generation In Quantum Magnetoplasma 

22 YTUJENS-2024-49 Fuzzy Logic-Based Optimization Of AWJM For Core Mat And CFRP: A Grey Relational Approach  

23 YTUJENS-2024-68 Designing Double Sampling Plans Within Supply Chain Contract- A Simulation Study Utilizing Normal And Lognormal Distributions 

24 YTUJENS-2024-114 Qualitative Analysis Of Evolution Equations: Weakly Continuous Semigroups In Banach Spaces 

25 YTUJENS-2024-129 An ARIMA Model Approach For Predicting Wheat Production In India And China 

26 YTUJENS-2024-139 Antipodal Resolving Sets On Algebraic Graphs Of Finite Groups 

27 YTUJENS-2024-157 An Abstract Approach To Sequences And Series Using Soft Complex Numbers  

28 YTUJENS-2024-201 Automatic Identification Of Brittle, Elongated And Equiaxed Ductile Fracture Modes In Weld Joints Through Machine Learning

29 YTUJENS-2024-224 A Review Of Green Building Research: Key Findings, Challenges, Energy Efficiency And Proposed Solutions

30 YTUJENS-2023-483 Enhancing Agricultural Efficiency In India With Iot Based Smart Boats  


June 2025/3 Regular Issue Volume 43 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1 YTUJENS-2023-430 A Consensus Reaching Process With Fuzzy Matrix Of Interpersonal Influences 

2 YTUJENS-2023-472 Development A Software For Detecting Burn Severity Using Convolutional Neural Network-Based Approach 

3 YTUJENS-2024-55 Advancing Logistics And Resource Management Quality Through Two- Stage Tandem Queues And Single Vacation Techniques 

4 YTUJENS-2024-228 Data Mining Technique’s Parameters Definition And Its Prediction Effect’s Based On Iron Deficiency Dataset 

5 YTUJENS-2024-482 Leaders Of Change: Children And The Climate Change Movement   

6 YTUJENS-2024-36 A Comparative Exploration Of A Magnetized Power-Law Fluid Past An Inclined Plate With Variable Physical Properties 

7 YTUJENS-2024-7 Evaluation Of The Variations In The Physicochemical And Microbiological Properties Of Tarhana Enriched With A Black Carrot During The Production Process 

8 YTUJENS-2024-313 Enhancing Power System Stability Through Intelligent STATCOM Control Strategies In Torsional Oscillation Environments 


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