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Please Read It Before Your Submission

1. Avoid using abbreviations in the Title, Abstract and Conclusions, if possible.


2. Papers published in our journal require some link to "applications" and "thermal processes" as part of the journal’s mission and scope. Address the application of your work, results or findings, while considering the wider readership of the journal. Appropriate actions to address this requirement include the addition of further content: a) focussing on specific thermal processes that occur as part of the overall study, and/or b) linking and discussing the implications of the reported research to stated application(s) of interest.


3. Manuscripts submitted to our journal are expected to be written in good English and proof read carefully to ensure that research is communicated clearly.


4. The Abstract should contain answers to the following questions: What problem was studied and why is it important? What methods were used? What are the important results? What conclusions can be drawn from the results? What is the novelty of the work and where does it go beyond previous efforts in the literature?  Please include specific and quantitative results in your Abstract, while ensuring that it is suitable for a broad audience. References, figures, tables, equations and abbreviations should be avoided.


5. The originality of the paper needs to be stated clearly. It is of importance to have sufficient results to justify the novelty of a high-quality journal paper. The Introduction should make a compelling case for why the study is useful along with a clear statement of its novelty or originality by providing relevant information and providing answers to basic questions such as: What is already known in the open literature? What is missing (i.e., research gaps)? What needs to be done, why and how? Clear statements of the novelty of the work should also appear briefly in the Abstract and Conclusions sections.


6. An updated and complete literature review should be conducted and should appear as part of the Introduction, while bearing in mind the work’s relevance to the journal and taking into account the scope and readership of the journal. The results and findings should be compared to and discussed in the context of earlier work in the literature.


In addition to these items above, your paper can rejected due to one of the reasons below.

- Low quality
- High similarity rates
- Copied long paragraphs from literature
- Missing affiliation
- Unconvincing results
- Different content from those in the regular issues
- Submission error for one of our Special Issues
- Template error (do not use our template at first submission)
- Double submission
- Backlog in the journal 
- Insufficient content
- Missing deep analyses
- Missing manuscript in the submission
- Problematic copyright issues of figures taken from literature


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To the Attention of the Authors whose papers have the status of "Article in Press" and "Accepted for Publication"

Please send your manuscripts' revised versions, including your "Orcid Id", by email to both "sbilgin@yildiz.edu.tr" as soon as possible. All authors (in your manuscript) Orcid Ids should be included in the manuscript.

If you have not sent your manuscript's revised version by email according to our template after a year from its acceptance, your paper's status will be changed from ACCEPTED to REJECTED in our database. We will wait your revised manuscript by email for only a year

You are supposed to revise them according to our template in the link below. Do not use our template at first submision.



In order to have an Orcid Id, please register yourself to https://orcid.org/

Please cite some papers from our journal in your revised versions if possible.


Please send your accepted papers' revised versions to senolbilgin74@yahoo.com by email.


Publication Schedule 2024

Publication Schedule of 2024 

We Cannot Publish These Papers !!!

No Word File ... YTUJENS-2020-366 Modeling Of Gigabit Passive Optical Networks

No Word File ... YTUJENS-2021-358 Effect Of Elevated Temperatures Exposure On The Mechanical Properties Of Waste Ceramic Concrete Reinforced With Hybrid Fibers Materials

No Word File ... YTUJENS-2021-548 On $\Psi$-Quantum Fractional Operators: Existence, Uniqueness And Stability Analysis


February 2024/1 Regular Issue Volume 42 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1 YTUJENS-2021-381 Fractional Derivative Analysis Of Asthma With The Effect Of Environmental Factors

2 YTUJENS-2021-482 Seismic Evaluation Of Tall RC Frames With Hybrid Friction Damper And SMA Designed By PBPD Method 

3 YTUJENS-2021-520 An Amalgamation Of Crisp And Fuzzy Quantile Regression Modelan Amalgamation Of Crisp And Fuzzy Quantile Regression Model

4 YTUJENS-2021-601 Some Quasi Subordinations For Bi-Univalent Functions Related To Symmetric Conjugate Points

5 YTUJENS-2021-604 Evaluation and Composition of Lignin content and Biofuel in the Enviroment and Economic Aspect

6 YTUJENS-2021-605 Microbial Fuel Cells in Electricity Generation with Waste Treatment; Alternative Electron Acceptors

7 YTUJENS-2021-606 Phenolic Composition, Total Antioxidant, Antiradical And Antimicrobial Potential Of Endemic Glaucium Alakirensis

8 YTUJENS-2021-609 Comparative Analysis on Real-time Hand Gesture and Sign Language Recognition using Convexity Defects and YOLOv3

9 YTUJENS-2021-610 Xerogel Of Fast Kinetics And High Adsorption Capacity For Cationic Dye Removal

10 YTUJENS-2021-611 Discovery of New Herbal Anthelmintics from Artemisia annua L. via in silico Molecular Docking and in vivo Extract Application

11 YTUJENS-2021-612 Investigation Of The Effect Of Polyvinyle Alcohol Fibers On Mechanical Properties Of The High-Strength Concrete Containing Microsilica

12 YTUJENS-2021-618 Graphene-Based Materials For Bone Tissue Engineering

13 YTUJENS-2021-621 A Novel Application For DC Motor-Generator Cascade System By Changing The Signal Density Of The Digital Chaotic Oscillator

14 YTUJENS-2021-623 A Novel Comprehensive Note On The Refinements Of Hermite--Hadamard Type Integral Inequalities

15 YTUJENS-2021-625 New Exact Solutions for the Boiti-Leon-Manna-Pempinelli Equation

16 YTUJENS-2021-626 Investigation Of Friction Behavior Of Tio2:Al2O3 Composite Coating Formed On Aa2024 Alloy By Micro-Arc Oxidation

17 YTUJENS-2021-629 Evaluating The Campus Climate Factors Using An Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Anp

18 YTUJENS-2021-635 Reliability Analysis Of Shear Strength Prediction Of Rc Beams

19 YTUJENS-2022-1 Disjoint maximal arcs in projective planes of order 16

20 YTUJENS-2022-3 Hand Warmer Types, Silica And Zeolite 4a As Potential Hand Warmers

21 YTUJENS-2022-12 Characterizations of Tzitzeica Curves Using Flc Frame

22 YTUJENS-2022-13 LYS Semi-supported Infill Plate as a Ductile End-Diaphragm in Slab-on-Girder Steel Bridges

23 YTUJENS-2022-23 Antioxidant And Antimicrobial Potentials Of Functional Food Arum Dioscoridis

24 YTUJENS5 A Single-Phase Solid-State Fault Current Limiter: Simulation And Experimental Study

25 YTUJENS-2022-29 The Effect Of Hesperidin On Neuron-Specific Enolase And Oxidative Damage In The Pre-Eclampsia Model

26 YTUJENS-2022-32 Solutions of Linear Fredholm Integral Equations with the Three-Step Iteration Method

27 YTUJENS-2022-36 Pre-Coagulated Landfill Leachate Treatment By Synergistic Ultraviolet And Electro-Persulfate Process

28 YTUJENS-2022-41 Prediction of Inelastic Displacement Ratios for Evaluation of Degrading SDOF Systems: A Comparison of the Scaled Conjugate Gradient and Bayesian Regularized Artificial Neural Network Modeling

29 YTUJENS-2022-47 Comparison of Several Anthropometric Measurements and Blood Lipid‑Related Indexes in Metabolic-Dysfunction Associated Fatty Liver Disease in Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study

30 YTUJENS-2023-72 Machine Learning Classification Models For The Patients Who Have Heart Failure


April 2024/2 Regular Issue Volume 42 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1 YTUJENS-2022-26 Analysis of Network Useful Life and Cost-Benefits for Sustainable Water Management

2 YTUJENS-2022-51 A New Classification-based Approach for Multi-focus Image Fusion

3 YTUJENS-2022-55 Effect Of Graphene On The Creep And Stress Relaxation Behaviors Of Epoxy-Nanocomposite In Viscoplastic Deformation Regime

4 YTUJENS-2022-56 Investigation Of Heavy Metal Concentrations And Determination Of Estimated Daily Intake And Health Risk Index Infant Formula And Baby Foods In Zahedan In 2020

5 YTUJENS-2022-62 Modeling And Analysis Of Schottky Diode Bridge And Jfet Based Liénard Oscillator Circuit

6 YTUJENS-2022-71 The Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter Approach For The Lotka-Volterra Model And Application To Economic Variables

7 YTUJENS-2022-85 On A Non-Riemannian Quantity Of (Α; Β)-Metrics

8 YTUJENS-2022-86 On A Boundary Value Problem With Symmetric Double Well Potential And Spectral Parameter In The Boundary Condition

9 YTUJENS-2022-87 Pricing for Longevity Risk in Long-Term Care Insurance

10 YTUJENS-2022-88 Influence Of Burnishing Process On Surface Integrity Of Inconel 718 Fabricated By Laser Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing

11 YTUJENS-2022-91 Anthocyanin And Bioactivity Properties Of Berberis Crategina DC. In Buffer System And Apple Juice: Impact Of Temperature, Time, And Ph; Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network

12 YTUJENS-2022-95 Investigating the Usability of Kevlar and Steel Fibers as a Hybrid in Concrete Pavements

13 YTUJENS-2022-107 Physiological, Genetic and Transcriptional Characterization of Fusarium graminearum Isolates

14 YTUJENS-2022-118  Revisiting The Crack Closure And Its Effect On Fatigue Life Of Components

15 YTUJENS-2022-121 Inspection of Power Transmission Line Insulators with Autonomous Quadcopter and SSD Network

16 YTUJENS-2022-126 Experimental Analysis Of A Shake Table Test Of Strip Footing On Two Layered Reinforced Soil

17 YTUJENS-2022-134 Usage Of Himalayan Salt In White Cheese Production As A Brine To Improve Rheological And Sensorial Properties

18 YTUJENS-2022-136 A Case Study On Lean Occupational Safety

19 YTUJENS-2022-138 Examination of Strength Reduction Factor in CFRP-Confined Columns under Axial Compression

20 YTUJENS-2022-143 Comparison Of Feature-Based Sentence Ranking Methods For Extractive Summarization Of Turkish News Texts

21 YTUJENS-2022-145 Matrix Variate Skew Laplace Distribution

22 YTUJENS-2022-150 Corrosion Behavior of N80 Tubing Steel in the Produced Water

23 YTUJENS-2022-158 Comparative Performance Analysis of Epsilon-Insensitive and Pruning-Based Algorithms for Sparse Least Squares Support Vector Regression

24 YTUJENS-2022-170 Low Noise Amplifier Design for Hidden Wireless LAN Applications using Band Pass Filter with Geometric Mean Prototype Element Values

25 YTUJENS-2022-179 Secure Encryption over The Ring F2+uF2+vF2+uvF2

26 YTUJENS-2022-180 1D Fuzzy Inverse Logic Method And Its Use In The Design Of Thick Reinforced Concrete Columns

27 YTUJENS-2022-186 Turkish Coffee Suppresses The Progression Of C6 Glioma Cells Via The Activation Of Apoptosis

28 YTUJENS-2022-189 Investigation Of Mechanical Properties Of Copper-Graphene Composites In Terms Of Production Methods And Additive Ratios: A Review

29 YTUJENS-2022-194 Vector Autoregressive Clustering For Redundancy Analysis In Air Pollution Monitoring Networks At Turkey

30 YTUJENS-2022-323 A Comparative Analysis of Software-Defined Network Controllers in Terms of Network Forensics Processes and Capabilities


June 2024/3 Regular Issue Volume 42 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1 YTUJENS-2022-110 Investigation Of Stability And Activity Of Quaternized Zinc Phthalocyanine Photosensitizer With Fused Extended Conjugation In Vitro Conditions

2 YTUJENS-2022-140 A New Application Of Fractional Glucose-Insulin Model And Numerical Solutions

3 YTUJENS-2022-167 Use of Scattering Parameters Measured via a Patch Antenna and Processed via Regression Analysis for Flash Point Prediction of Flammable Liquid Mixtures

4 YTUJENS-2022-177 Investigation Of Using Strain Gauge In Tension, Torsion And Bending Experiments

5 YTUJENS-2022-190 The Effect Of Vacuum On The Drying Kinetics And Mathematical Modelling Of Blueberries

6 YTUJENS-2022-324 Numerical Investigation Of The Dynamic Behavior Of Karun 3 And Maropoint Dams Under Non-Uniform Excitation

7 YTUJENS-2022-326 The Effects Of Using Lithium On Biochemical Factors Of Urinary Beta-2 Microglobulin, Creatinine And Urea Serum In Chronic Bipolar Patients

8 YTUJENS-2022-333 Iterative Ensemble Pseudo-Labeling for Convolutional Neural Networks

9 YTUJENS-2022-336 An Investigation On The Estimation Of The Impact Factors Of Pandemic Deaths With Artificial Neural Network And Multiple Regression Algorithms: COVID-19 Case

10 YTUJENS-2022-338 Provide A Model For Acquisition And Recording Of Organizational Lessons Learned In The Framework Of The Knowledge Handbook With Emphasis On Effective Components

11 YTUJENS-2022-339 The Utilization Of Lathe Waste As A Catalyst For The Treatment Of Landfill Leachate In Supercritical Water Conditions

12 YTUJENS-2022-342 Cost and Duration Estimation of Autonomous Grading Algorithm by Simulation

13 YTUJENS-2022-344 Reserve Estimation Using Paid And Incurred Claims Information

14 YTUJENS-2022-345 Clustering Approach With Self-Organizing Maps For Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Response To Post-Earthquake Fires: An Application For Istanbul

15 YTUJENS-2022-346 Rapid Parameter Estimation Of Four Non-Linear Growth Models For Analyzing The Growth Of Escherichia Coli

16 YTUJENS-2022-349 Modeling OVRP with Real Life Costs And Solving via Hybrid Civilized Genetic Algorithm  

17 YTUJENS-2022-356 The Stability Analysis Of A Neural Field Model With Small Delay

18 YTUJENS-2022-365 Photocatalytic Degradation Of Diclofenac (An Emerging Contaminant): Effects Of Photocatalyst Amount And Air Flow Rate

19 YTUJENS-2022-373 Investigation Of Carbonate Addition On Essential Element Concentrations In Various Teas

20 YTUJENS-2022-378 The Evaluation Of Structural Differences Between The Sleep Eegs Of Depressive And Normal Subjects By Using Itakura Distance Measure: A Preliminary Study

21 YTUJENS-2022-380 Modeling of Wind Speed using Differential Evolution: Istanbul Case

22 YTUJENS-2022-382 Theoretical And Practical Analysis Of Parallel Operating Conditions Of Two Transformers With Different Relative Short Circuit Voltages

23 YTUJENS-2022-393 Eriocitrin Derivatives And Their Anthelmintic Potentials

24 YTUJENS-2022-398 Lie Symmetry Analysis Of Caputo Time-Fractional K(m,n) Model Equations With Variable Coefficients

25 YTUJENS-2022-403 Prediction Of Non-Revenue Water Ratio In Water Distribution Systems

26 YTUJENS-2022-411 Experimental Investigation And FEM Analysis Of Chip Morphology In The Turning Of ASTM F-75 CoCrMo Alloy

27 YTUJENS-2022-412 Higher Order Theory Based Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates Using Functions Trigonometric and Trigonometric-Hyperbolic

28 YTUJENS-2022-428 A Systematic Comparative Study Of Popular Biomim etic Intelligence Techniques

29 YTUJENS-2022-429 A Research On Mathematical Model Approaches In Biomass Supply Chain 

30 YTUJENS-2022-461 Port Waste Reception Facilities in Iron-Steel Industry: A Case Study from Turkey


August 2024/4 Regular Issue Volume 42 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1  YTUJENS-2022-417 Evaluation Of Energy Consumption And Noise Reduction Change Of A Strengthened Building: An Educational Building Case

2 YTUJENS-2022-421 Investigation Of The Cytotoxic Effects Of Juglone On C6 Glioma Cell Line

3 YTUJENS-2022-422 An Exploratory Study On The Critical Features Of Construction Project Planning Software

4 YTUJENS-2022-432 Performance Estimation of Parallel System under Online and Offline Preventive Maintenance

5 YTUJENS-2022-434 Effects Of High Volume Cementitious Ingredients On Long Term Properties Of Self Compacting Concrete

6 YTUJENS-2022-441 Characterization Of Sol-Gel Derived Nio Thin Films: Effect Of Post-Heat Treatment

7 YTUJENS-2022-446 Synthesis of Silica Xeorogel@Mg-Al Layered Double Hydroxide Composite for CO2 Capture

8 YTUJENS-2022-451 Calculation Of Buckling Loads Of IPE-Section Bending Members Based On Optimization Of Analytical Formulations

9 YTUJENS-2022-460 Automatic Unit Test Generator Software By Collecting Run-Time Data

10 YTUJENS-2022-475 Comparison Of Bayesian Estimation Methods For Scale Parameters Of Inverse Weibull Distribution Under The Different Loss Functions

11 YTUJENS-2022-499 RAMD Analysis of Mixed Standby Serial Textile Manufacturing System

12 YTUJENS-2022-501 A New Modelling Approach For Air Transportation: A Case Study For Total Number Of Air Passengers Per Month

13 YTUJENS-2022-507 Operational Matrix For Multi-Order Fractional Differential Equations With Hermite Polynomials

14 YTUJENS-2022-511 Evaluation Of Properties For Synthetic Polymers In Medicine

15 YTUJENS-2023-1 Reliability Estimation Of Manufacturing System With Four Human Operators

16 YTUJENS-2023-6 Unlocking Biogas Production Potential: Evaluating The Environmental Impact And Biodegradability Of Pharmaceutical And Medical Wastes

17 YTUJENS-2023-7 Blocking Harmful Images With A Deep Learning Based Next Generation Firewall

18 YTUJENS-2023-10 The Effect Of Marble Waste In The Production Of Low-Temperature Porous Material From Alkali-Activated Fly Ash

19 YTUJENS-2023-11 A New Improvement Technique For Expansive Soils

20 YTUJENS-2023-15 New Moving Frames For The Curves Lying On A Surface

21 YTUJENS-2023-23 Cognitive Activity Detection and Tracing System

22 YTUJENS-2023-25 MHD Natural Convection In A Square Cavity Filled With Carbon Nanotube-Water Nanofluid With Two Isothermal Fins

23 YTUJENS-2023-30 Reliability Estimation Of A Fault Coverage Distributed System With Replacement Options Under Four Different Scenarios

24 YTUJENS-2023-37 Optimization Of Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction Of Protein From The By-Product Of The Hazelnut Oil Industry Using Reverse Micelles

25 YTUJENS-2023-39 Two-Stage Clustering And Routing Problem By Using FCM And K-Means With Genetic Algorithm

26 YTUJENS-2023-41 Solving Difference Equations Using Fourier Transform Method

27 YTUJENS-2023-48 The Effect Of Photobioreactor Height/Diameter Ratio On Chlorella Variabilis Microalgae Growth And Oil Production Efficiency

28 YTUJENS-2023-53 Performance Estimation Of Honeynet System For Network Security Enhancement Via Copula Linguistic

29 YTUJENS-2023-57 Modeling Asymmetrically Dependent Automobile Bodily Injury Claim Data Using Khoudraji Copulas

30 YTUJENS-2023-61 Analysis Of Grover’s Quantum Search Algorithm On A Classical Computer: Identifying Opportunities For Improvement


October 2024/5 Regular Issue Volume 42 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1 YTUJENS-2023-62 A Study On I-Lacunary Statistical Convergence Of Multiset Sequences

2 YTUJENS-2023-72 Machine Learning Classification Models For The Patients Who Have Heart Failure

3 YTUJENS-2023-74 Treatment Of Textile Wastewater In Combined Granular Activated Carbon-Membrane Bioreactor (GAC-MBR)

4 YTUJENS-2023-78 Approximate Solutions Of The Fractional Harry Dym Equation

5 YTUJENS-2023-81 Modelling And Implementation Of Demand-Side Energy Management System With Novel Learning Method For Future Smart Grids

6 YTUJENS-2023-92 Enhancing Road Safety Through Blackspots Mitigative Measures - A Review

7 YTUJENS-2023-100 Robust Methods For Detecting Bad Leverage Point In Logistic Regression

8 YTUJENS-2023-101 A Method For Building A Robust Strategy Map Using Mathematical Programming Considering Different Scenarios

9 YTUJENS-2023-114 Determination Of Radical Scavenging, Secondary Metabolite Amount And Toxicity Of Onopordum Bracteatum Extracts

10 YTUJENS-2023-124 Assessment Of Musculoskeletal Disorders And Mental Workload Among Office Workers In The Automotive Industry

11 YTUJENS-2023-126 Human Lower-Extremity Movement Classification Based On Biomechanical Sensor Data: Machine Learning Approach

12 YTUJENS-2023-133 Technical And Economical Comparison Of Hydraulic And Traction Elevators With VDI 2225 Method

13 YTUJENS-2023-134 Exploring Multilingual Reviews For Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Using Lexicon And Bert

14 YTUJENS-2023-136 Study On Pedestrian Crossing Decision At The Roundabouts In Shivamogga City

15 YTUJENS-2023-137 Variation Of NPY And AGRP mRNA Expression In Syrian Hamsters According To Feeding Times

16 YTUJENS-2023-140 Ostracod (Crustacea) Biodiversity As Pollution Indicators In The Cauvery River Tiruchirappalli

17 YTUJENS-2023-147 The Evaluation Of The Effect Of Data Balancing Over The Classification Performances Of Ensemble Of Networks For The Diabetic Retinopathy

18 YTUJENS-2023-157 Artificial Neural Network And Multiple Regression Analysis For Predicting Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Of Al 7068 Aerospace Alloy

19 YTUJENS-2023-158 Robust Power Stabilizing Control Of A Grid-Connected Inverter Using Linear Matrix Inequality

20 YTUJENS-2023-160 A Heteroscedastic Regression Model With The Generalized Normal Distribution

21 YTUJENS-2023-164 Some Approximations And Identities From Special Sequences For The Vertices Of Suborbital Graphs

22 YTUJENS-2023-167 A Novel Machine Learning-Based Artificial Intelligence Approach For Log Analysis Using Blockchain Technology

23 YTUJENS-2023-175 Contribution Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Construction Project Management Processes: State Of The Art With Scoping Review Method

24 YTUJENS-2023-184 A Novel Alternative Algorithm A To Find All Multiple Solutions Of General Integer Linear Programs

25 YTUJENS-2023-192 A Comparative Study on Hybrid GA-PSO Performance for Stand-Alone Hybrid Energy Systems Optimization

26 YTUJENS-2023-199 Reliability And Availability Analyses Of An Industrial System With Two Subsystems Arranged In Series-Parallel

27 YTUJENS-2023-203 Development And Application Of The Truss Method On Masonry Walls To Determine The In-Plane Behavior: A Parametric Study

28 YTUJENS-2023-209 Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Using GPR And SMOTE

29 YTUJENS-2023-214 A Sample Application For Scheduling Search And Rescue Teams In An Earthquake Disaster

30 YTUJENS-2023-216 Determination Of Stress Magnification Factor In Welded Joint By Experimental And Numerical Analysis Using Ultra-High-Strength Steel


December 2024/6 Regular Issue Volume 42 (It will include 20, 25 or 30 papers)

1 YTUJENS-2023-219 Investigation Of Using Cave Bacteria In The Production Of Self-Healing Mortars

2 YTUJENS-2023-223 Isolation Of Kerosene-Degrading Bacteria From Soil Samples And Determination Of Optimal Growth Conditions

3 YTUJENS-2023-224 Investigation Of Machinability By Electrical Discharge Machining Method Of ZA27 MWCNT Composites Produced By Powder Metallurgy 

4 YTUJENS-2023-225 Modified Genetic Algorithm With Novel Crossover And Mutation Operator In Travelling Salesman Problem 

5 YTUJENS-2023-229 Interacting With Chatgpt: Impact On Students And Teaching-Learning

6 YTUJENS-2023-239 Acoustic Emission Reduction In Vehicles By Using MPP Structures In Wheel Arch Liner Structures

7 YTUJENS-2023-253 Detection Of Covid-19 Infection By Using Raman Spectroscopy Of Serum Samples And Machine Learning

8 YTUJENS-2023-257 Effects Of SiO2 And Al2O3 Nanoparticles On The Properties Of Borogypsum Containing Mortar

9 YTUJENS-2023-259 A Comparative Study On The Machining Performance Of Eco-Friendly Low-Lead And Lead-Free Brass Alloys In Replacement For Leaded Ones

10 YTUJENS-2023-266 Computational Method To Solve Davey-Stewartson Model And Maccari’s System

11 YTUJENS-2023-272 A Complete Study On And-Product Of Soft Sets

12 YTUJENS-2023-276 The Effect Of Concrete Reinforced With Carbon Fibers And Pozzolan On The Physical Properties Of Concrete

13 YTUJENS-2023-279 Experimental Study On Different Properties Of Cenosphere Based Concrete Using Calcium Lactate

14 YTUJENS-2023-

Cited Papers from This Journal


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