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Publication Schedule of 2021 and 2022

July 2021 Regular Issue

Jten-2018-636 Thermodynamıc Investıgatıons On 227kwp Industrıal Rooftop Power Plant

JTEN-2019-332 Performance Comparison And Investigation Of Two Different Renewable Energy Fueled Multigeneration Systems

JTEN-2019-366 Optimum Design Analysis of a Solar-Assisted LiBr/H2O Absorption System with a Flat-Plate Collector

Jten-2019-371 A Novel Trı-Generatıon Energy System Integratıng Solar Energy And Indestrıal Waste Heat

Jten-2019-398 Performance Analysıs Of Adsorptıon Refrıgeratıon System Usıng Sılıcagel/Methanol Paır: Experımental & Analytıcal

JTEN-2019-418 Performance Characteristics Of A Two-Phase Thermosyphon Utilizing R-407C For Various Inclination Angles And Filling Ratios

JTEN-2019-426 Flow Behaviour and Thermal Separation Mechanism on Vortex Tube

JTEN-2019-432 Numerical Investigation On Enhancement Of Heat Transfer İn A Ribbed Tube With Different Twisted Tape Inserts

JTEN-2019-444 Effect of viscosity on entropy generation for laminar flow in helical pipes

JTEN-2019-478 Experimental and Theoretical Study of Heat Power Generated and Fusion Features

JTEN-2019-484 Natural Convection Heat Transfer from a Horizontal Circular Cylinder Located in a Square Cylinder with and without Fibrous Porous Material

JTEN-2019-491 Parametric investigation of open-drive scroll expander for micro organic Rankine cycle applications

JTEN-2019-511 A Comprehensive Review to Study and Implement Solar Energy in Dairy Industries

JTEN-2019-520 Simulation of turbulent convective heat transfer of γ-Al2O3/water nanofluid in a tube by ANN and ANFIS models

JTEN-2019-537 Enhancement of Household Refrigerator Energy Efficiency by Studying the Effect of Refrigerant Charge and Capillary tube Length

JTEN-2019-562 Experımental Investıgatıon Of A Scheffler Reflector For The Medıum Temperature Applıcatıons

JTEN-2019-578 Convectıve Heat And Mass Transfer Of Chemıcally Reactıng Fluıds Wıth Actıvatıon Energy Wıth Radıatıon And Heat Generatıon

JTEN-2019-605 Energy And Exergy Analysıs Of A Combıned System: Cascade Organıc Rankıne Cycle And Cascade Refrıgeratıon Cycle

JTEN-2019-646 Heat Transfer Analysis of Hybrid Active Solar Still with Water Flowing over Glass Cover

September 2021 Regular Issue

JTEN-2019-667 Numerıcal Sımulatıon On Performance Evaluatıon Among Metal And Oxıde Based Nanofluıds For Power Savıngs Applıcatıon Of A Cırcular Tube

JTEN-2019-669 Temperature-Dependent Partıcle Stabılıty Behavıor And Its Effect On Radıatıve Transfer In Water/Sio2 Nanofluıds

JTEN-2019-684 Experimental study of combustion of low-calorific producer gas from small scale biomass gasification within porous burner

JTEN-2019-690 Comparative Exergy and Energy Analyses and Optimization of Different Configurations for a Laundry Purpose

JTEN-2019-707 A Review on Convective Heat Augmentation Techniques in Solar thermal collector Using Nanofluid

JTEN-2019-728 Effect of Air Fan Position on Heat transfer Performance of Elliptical Pin Fin Heat Sink Subjected to Impinging Air Flow

JTEN-2019-733 Heat And Mass Transfer In Stagnatıon Poınt Flow Of Cross Nanofluıd Over A Permeable Extendıng/Contractıng Surface: A Stabılıty Analysıs

JTEN-2019-734 Energetıc And Exergetıc Performance Comparıson Of An Experımental Automotıve Aır Condıtıonıng System Usıng Refrıgerants R1234yf And R134a

JTEN-2019-740 Experimental testing of Scroll Machine Driven by Compressed Air for Power Generation and Its integration in Small Scale Organic Rankine Cycle

JTEN-2019-754 Comparatıve Thermal Analysıs Of Applıcatıons Usıng Novel Solar Aır Heater Wıth U-Shaped Longıtudınal Fıns: Suıtable For Coastal Regıons

JTEN-2019-763 Effect Of Orıentatıon Of Ellıptıc Tube On The Total Meltıng Tıme Of Latent Thermal Energy Storage Systems

JTEN-2019-766 Factors influencing the performance of solar air heater (SAH) having artificial coarseness: A review

JTEN-2019-769 Simulation modeling and Experimental validation of solar photovoltaic PMBLDC motor water pumping system

JTEN-2019-771 Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics in an Offset Strip Fin Heat Exchanger

JTEN-2019-781 Analysis and simulation of thermal performance of a PTC with secondary reflector

JTEN-2019-784 Mıxed Convectıon Heat Transfer From A Vertıcal Flat Plate Subjected To Perıodıc Oscıllatıons

JTEN-2019-790 Influences of the dead end on the flow characteristics at the exhaust manifold of a marine diesel engine

JTEN-2020-10 Impact of Outer Velocity on Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer in Casson Nanofluid over a Non-linear Stretching Sheet

JTEN-2020-32 Numerical Investigation of Supercritical Heat Transfer of Water flowing in Vertical and Horizontal Tube with Emphasis of Gravity Effect

JTEN-2020-33 A Study on Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis of Solar Distillation System

November 2021 Regular Issue

JTEN-2020-52 Boılıng Heat Transfer Sımulatıon In Rectangular Mılı-Channels

JTEN-2020-69 Thermodynamıc Analysıs Of The Allam Cycle And Its Pressure Sensıtıvıty

JTEN-2020-74 Energy and Exergy Analysis of an enhanced Solar CCHP system with a Collector embedded by Porous media and Nano fluid

JTEN-2020-81 Experımental Study Of A Stand-Alone Earth To Aır Heat Exchanger For Heatıng And Coolıng In Arıd Regıons

JTEN-2020-87 Mixed Convective flow of Heat and Mass Transfer of Nanofluids over a Static Wedge with Convective Boundary Conditions

JTEN-2020-93 Comparison of Thermal Response Times of Historical and Modern Building Wall Materials

JTEN-2020-110 Numerıcal Comparıson Study On Heat Transfer Enhancement Of Dıfferent Cross-Sectıon Wıre Coıls Insert Wıth Varyıng Pıtches In A Duct

JTEN-2020-115 Experimental investigation on thermal conductivity and thermal degredation of Honge oil methyl ester with B-20 blend

JTEN-2020-156 Desıgn, Implementatıon And Analysıs Of The Overall Performance Of A Mıcro Hydro Turgo Turbıne

JTEN-2020-173 Parametrıc Study Of Natural Convectıon Showıng Effects Of Geometry, Number And Orıentatıon Of Fıns On A Fınned Tube System: A Numerıcal Approach

JTEN-2020-182 Micro-polar fluid flow induced due to a vertical porous surface with heat absorption and Joule heating effects

JTEN-2020-196 Experimental investigation of heat transfer characteristics of an inverse diffusion flame in a coaxial tube burner for with and without swirl

JTEN-2020-203 Drop-In And Retrofıt Refrıgerants As Replacement Possıbılıtıes Of R134a In Domestıc/Commercıal Refrıgeratıon And Automobıle Aır Condıtıoner Applıcatıons

JTEN-2020-217 Enhancement Technique of Heat Transfer Using Inserted Twisted Tape

JTEN-2020-226 Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Different Types Of Turbulators On The Heat Exchangers

JTEN-2020-247 Experimental effect of inclination on the process of melting paraffin in a square cavity

JTEN-2020-251 Thermoeconomic optimization of a geothermal based trigeneration system equipped with an evaporative condenser

JTEN-2020-260 Influence of Convective Boundary Condition on heat and mass transfer in a Walters’ B fluid over a vertical stretching surface with thermo-diffusion effect

JTEN-2020-278 Thermodynamic evaluation and optimization of a double-flash binary geothermal energy system with an ejector-expander

JTEN-2020-296 3D investigation of semi-underground room comfort in a desert climate

December 2021 2nd Special Issue of 2021

JTEN-2020-302 Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Taper Helical and Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger

JTEN-2020-312 Heat transfer investigation of non-Newtonian fluid flow in an annular pipe embedded with porous discs: A turbulent study

JTEN-2020-334 Experimental Investigation on Thermal Conductivity and Stability of Water-Graphite Nanofluid

JTEN-2020-339 Analysis of heat transfer performance of the absorber tube with convergent-divergent structure for parabolic trough collector

JTEN-2020-352 A Numerical Investigation of the Species Transport Approach for Modeling of Gaseous Combustion

Jten-2018-122 Design, Produce And Control Of A 2-Dof Upper Limb Exoskeletal Robot

Jten-2018-218 Numerical Investigation Of Root Canal Irrigation By Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Jten-2018-338 Building Integrated Honeycomb Layered Semi-Transparent Photovoltaic Thermal System

Jten-2018-339 Appropriate Saline Water Ratio For Thermal Heat Recovery In A Parabolic Semi-Transparent Pv Hybrid Systems

Jten-2018-482 A Combıned Experıment-Sımulatıon Study On Temperature Regıme Of Roller-Compacted Concrete Applyıng For Dam Constructıon

Jten-2018-571 Modelling And Simulation Of Solar Water Thermo Siphon Sensor Efficiency And Application For Different Sites İn Algeria.

Jten-2019-3 Effect Of Particle Size On Thermal, Electrical And Mechanical Properties Of Graphite Epoxy Composites

JTEN-2019-485 Bıo-Heat Transfer In Cancer Treatment Usıng Cryo-Freezıng Method

JTEN-2020-212 The Temperature Dıstrıbutıon Of The Wet Cylınder Lıner Of V-12 Engıne Accordıng To Calculatıon And Experıment

JTEN-2020-134 Topographical Thermal Imaging for Solid square shaft cooling

JTEN-2020-285 Advancements and challenges in the Fluidized Bed Gasification System: A Comprehensive Review

JTEN-2020-481 NO formation and its reduction through co flow methane reburn in a pulverised coal combustion process under various overall equivalence ratio

JTEN-2020-355 Investıgatıon Of Lamınar Forced Convectıon Heat Transfer Of Nanofluıds Through Flat Plate Solar Collector

JTEN-2020-363 Three Dimensional Flow over Elliptic Cylinders Arrays in Octagonal Arrangement

JTEN-2020-386 Combined effect of variable parameters on the performance of gas turbine cycles

January 2022 Regular Issue

JTEN-2020-415 Heat Transfer Enhancement Of Hybrıd Nanofluıds:A Comprehensıve Revıew

JTEN-2020-374 Estimation of hourly global solar radiation using Artificial Neural Network in Adana province, Turkey

JTEN-2020-384 Numerical Investigation of Laminar Forced Convection and Entropy Generation of Fe3O4/Water Nanofluids in Different Cross-Sectioned Channel Geometries

JTEN-2020-389 A Review On Thermal Analysis Of Hybrid Greenhouse Solar Dryer (Hgsd)

JTEN-2020-398 Multi-criteria evaluation of the influence of air-water two-phase flow on the performance of horizontal double-tube heat exchanger

JTEN-2020-400 Performance of Phase Changing Material in an artificially created cold region to promote Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage

JTEN-2020-408 The effect of Nusselt number on a bi-viscosity fluid subjected to discrete heating effects

JTEN-2020-414 Examining Performance And Optimization Of A Cogeneration System Comprised With Allam Cycle And Med-Tvc For Generating Power And Drinking Water: Case Study: Kish Island

JTEN-2020-416 Thermoeconomical optimization of a regenerative air turbine cogeneration system

JTEN-2020-423 Numerical Investigation of the heat transfer enhancement inside a square duct with Rectangular Vortex Generators

JTEN-2020-436 Three dimensional MHD Nanofluid stagnation point flow with higher order Chemical reaction

JTEN-2020-453 Effect of HVAC system size on the optimum insulation thickness of the buildings in different climate zones

JTEN-2020-462 Numerical Analysis Of A Two-Phase Injection Refrigeration Cycle Using R32

JTEN-2020-466 Performance Estimation Of A Solar Chimney Power ‎Plant (Scpp) ‎In Several Regions Of Turkey

JTEN-2020-468 CFD Analysis and Heat Transfer Characteristics of Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger

JTEN-2020-469 Growth in Turbine Size and Technological Development of Modern Commercial Large Scale Wind Turbines in Turke


JTEN-2020-490 Design studies on horizontal and vertical configuration of Ground Earth Heat Exchanger.

JTEN-2020-517 Combined heat pump heating and ventilation system using heat of soil, sewage water and ventilation emissions

JTEN-2020-550 A Critical Assessment of the Implementation of Phase Change Materials in the VCC of Refrigerator

March 2022 Regular Issue

JTEN-2020-554 Heat Transfer Performance of a Radiator with and without Louvered Strip by using Graphene-based Nanofluids

JTEN-2020-561 An application of conventional and advanced exergy approaches on a R41/R1233zd(E) cascade refrigeration system under optimum conditions

JTEN-2020-566 Application of ANN and prediction of drying behavior of Mushroom drying in side hybrid greenhouse solar dryer: An experimental validation

JTEN-2020-591 Experimental Investigation of Effect of Hydrophobic Coating on Drag Forces over a Stationery Circular Cylinder under Laminar Flow Conditions


Free ICAME Istanbul Conference 2021 Registration Opportunity for TOP CITED 20 PAPERS

The TOP 20 list in the link below will be valid until 01.09.2021. Then, the researchers in the TOP 20 cited list will be able to benefit from free ICAME Istanbul Conference 2020 Registration. Please see the actual list from the link below.





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