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Publication Schedule of 2021 and 2022

No Word File ... Jten-2019-432 Numerical Investigation On Enhancement Of Heat Transfer İn A Ribbed Tube With Different Twisted Tape Inserts

No Word File ... Jten-2019-478 Experimental And Theoretical Study Of Heat Power Generated And Fusion Features

No Word File ... ​Jten-2019-520 Simulation Of Turbulent Convective Heat Transfer Of Γ-Al2o3/Water Nanofluid İn A Tube By Ann And Anfıs Models

No Word File ...​ Jten-2019-733 Heat And Mass Transfer In Stagnatıon Poınt Flow Of Cross Nanofluıd Over A Permeable Extendıng/Contractıng Surface: A Stabılıty Analysıs

No Word File ... Jten-2020-87 Mixed Convective Flow Of Heat And Mass Transfer Of Nanofluids Over A Static Wedge With Convective Boundary Conditions

No Word File ... Jten-2020-182 Micro-Polar Fluid Flow İnduced Due To A Vertical Porous Surface With Heat Absorption And Joule Heating Effects

No Word File ... Jten-2020-278 Thermodynamic Evaluation And Optimization Of A Double-Flash Binary Geothermal Energy System With An Ejector-Expander

No Word File ... Jten-2020-312 Heat Transfer İnvestigation Of Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow İn An Annular Pipe Embedded With Porous Discs: A Turbulent Study


November 2021 Regular Issue

Jten-2018-636 Thermodynamıc Investıgatıons On 227kwp Industrıal Rooftop Power Plant

Jten-2019-418 Performance Characteristics Of A Two-Phase Thermosyphon Utilizing R-407c For Various Inclination Angles And Filling Ratios


Jten-2019-690 Comparative Exergy And Energy Analyses And Optimization Of Different Configurations For A Laundry Purpose




Jten-2020-110 Numerıcal Comparıson Study On Heat Transfer Enhancement Of Dıfferent Cross-Sectıon Wıre Coıls Insert Wıth Varyıng Pıtches In A Duct

Jten-2020-115 Experimental İnvestigation On Thermal Conductivity And Thermal Degredation Of Honge Oil Methyl Ester With B-20 Blend

Jten-2020-173 Parametrıc Study Of Natural Convectıon Showıng Effects Of Geometry, Number And Orıentatıon Of Fıns On A Fınned Tube System: A Numerıcal Approach

Jten-2020-196 Experimental İnvestigation Of Heat Transfer Characteristics Of An İnverse Diffusion Flame İn A Coaxial Tube Burner For With And Without Swirl

Jten-2020-203 Drop-In And Retrofıt Refrıgerants As Replacement Possıbılıtıes Of R134a In Domestıc/Commercıal Refrıgeratıon And Automobıle Aır Condıtıoner Applıcatıons

Jten-2020-217 Enhancement Technique Of Heat Transfer Using Inserted Twisted Tape

Jten-2020-226 Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Different Types Of Turbulators On The Heat Exchangers

Jten-2020-247 Experimental Effect Of İnclination On The Process Of Melting Paraffin İn A Square Cavity

Jten-2020-251 Thermoeconomic Optimization Of A Geothermal Based Trigeneration System Equipped With An Evaporative Condenser

Jten-2020-260 Influence Of Convective Boundary Condition On Heat And Mass Transfer İn A Walters’ B Fluid Over A Vertical Stretching Surface With Thermo-Diffusion Effect

Jten-2020-296 3d İnvestigation Of Semi-Underground Room Comfort İn A Desert Climate

Jten-2020-302 Numerical Simulation Of Heat Transfer Characteristics Of Taper Helical And Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger


December 2021 2nd Special Issue of 2021

Jten-2020-352 A Numerical Investigation Of The Species Transport Approach For Modeling Of Gaseous Combustion

Jten-2018-218 Numerical Investigation Of Root Canal Irrigation By Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Jten-2018-339 Appropriate Saline Water Ratio For Thermal Heat Recovery In A Parabolic Semi-Transparent Pv Hybrid Systems

Jten-2018-571 Modelling And Simulation Of Solar Water Thermo Siphon Sensor Efficiency And Application For Different Sites İn Algeria.

Jten-2019-3 Effect Of Particle Size On Thermal, Electrical And Mechanical Properties Of Graphite Epoxy Composites

Jten-2019-485 Bıo-Heat Transfer In Cancer Treatment Usıng Cryo-Freezıng Method

Jten-2020-134 Topographical Thermal Imaging For Solid Square Shaft Cooling

Jten-2020-212 The Temperature Dıstrıbutıon Of The Wet Cylınder Lıner Of V-12 Engıne Accordıng To Calculatıon And Experıment

Jten-2020-285 Advancements And Challenges İn The Fluidized Bed Gasification System: A Comprehensive Review

Jten-2020-334 Experimental Investigation On Thermal Conductivity And Stability Of Water-Graphite Nanofluid

Jten-2020-339 Analysis Of Heat Transfer Performance Of The Absorber Tube With Convergent-Divergent Structure For Parabolic Trough Collector

Jten-2020-363 Three Dimensional Flow Over Elliptic Cylinders Arrays İn Octagonal Arrangement

Jten-2020-355 Investıgatıon Of Lamınar Forced Convectıon Heat Transfer Of Nanofluıds Through Flat Plate Solar Collector

Jten-2020-481 No Formation And İts Reduction Through Co Flow Methane Reburn İn A Pulverised Coal Combustion Process Under Various Overall Equivalence Ratio

Jten-2020-401 Performance Assessment Of An Electrolyte-Supported And Anode -Supported Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Hybrid System

Jten-2020-516 Development And Performance Analysis Of Hybrid Photovoltaic/Thermal (Pv/T) System

Jten-2020-502 Performance Evaluatıon Of A Rotary Dryer In Both Co-Current And Counter-Current Confıguratıons

Jten-2020-469 Growth İn Turbine Size And Technological Development Of Modern Commercial Large Scale Wind Turbines İn Turkey

Jten-2020-624 Modeling Of The Effect Of Nano-Enhanced Phase Change Material On The Performance Of A Large-Scale Wallboard


January 2022 Regular Issue

Jten-2020-374 Estimation Of Hourly Global Solar Radiation Using Artificial Neural Network İn Adana Province, Turkey

Jten-2020-386 Combined Effect Of Variable Parameters On The Performance Of Gas Turbine Cycles

Jten-2020-384 Numerical Investigation Of Laminar Forced Convection And Entropy Generation Of Fe3o4/Water Nanofluids İn Different Cross-Sectioned Channel Geometries

Jten-2020-389 A Review On Thermal Analysis Of Hybrid Greenhouse Solar Dryer (Hgsd)

Jten-2020-398 Multi-Criteria Evaluation Of The İnfluence Of Air-Water Two-Phase Flow On The Performance Of Horizontal Double-Tube Heat Exchanger

Jten-2020-400 Performance Of Phase Changing Material İn An Artificially Created Cold Region To Promote Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage

Jten-2020-408 The Effect Of Nusselt Number On A Bi-Viscosity Fluid Subjected To Discrete Heating Effects

Jten-2020-414 Examining Performance And Optimization Of A Cogeneration System Comprised With Allam Cycle And Med-Tvc For Generating Power And Drinking Water: Case Study: Kish Island

Jten-2020-415 Heat Transfer Enhancement Of Hybrıd Nanofluıds:A Comprehensıve Revıew

Jten-2020-416 Thermoeconomical Optimization Of A Regenerative Air Turbine Cogeneration System

Jten-2020-423 Numerical Investigation Of The Heat Transfer Enhancement İnside A Square Duct With Rectangular Vortex Generators

Jten-2020-436 Three Dimensional Mhd Nanofluid Stagnation Point Flow With Higher Order Chemical Reaction

Jten-2020-453 Effect Of Hvac System Size On The Optimum İnsulation Thickness Of The Buildings İn Different Climate Zones

Jten-2020-462 Numerical Analysis Of A Two-Phase Injection Refrigeration Cycle Using R32

Jten-2020-466 Performance Estimation Of A Solar Chimney Power ‎Plant (Scpp) ‎In Several Regions Of Turkey

Jten-2020-468 Cfd Analysis And Heat Transfer Characteristics Of Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger

Jten-2020-474 Performance Analysis Of Microchannel Heat Sink With Flow Disrupting Pins

Jten-2020-488 Heat Transfer Analysıs Usıng A Duct Fılled Wıth Metal Foams

Jten-2020-490 Design Studies On Horizontal And Vertical Configuration Of Ground Earth Heat Exchanger.

Jten-2020-517 Combined Heat Pump Heating And Ventilation System Using Heat Of Soil, Sewage Water And Ventilation Emissions


March 2022 Regular Issue

Jten-2020-524 Ransıent Analysıs Of Convectıve-Radıatıve Heat Transfer Through Porous Fıns Wıth Temperature-Dependent Thermal Conductıvıty And Internal Heat Generatıon

Jten-2020-550 A Critical Assessment Of The Implementation Of Phase Change Materials İn The Vcc Of Refrigerator

Jten-2020-554 Heat Transfer Performance Of A Radiator With And Without Louvered Strip By Using Graphene-Based Nanofluids

Jten-2020-555 A Critical Re-Examination Of Reynolds Analogy For Micro-Convective Flow

Jten-2020-561 An Application Of Conventional And Advanced Exergy Approaches On A R41/R1233zd(E) Cascade Refrigeration System Under Optimum Conditions

Jten-2020-566 Application Of Ann And Prediction Of Drying Behavior Of Mushroom Drying İn Side Hybrid Greenhouse Solar Dryer: An Experimental Validation

Jten-2020-567  Natural Convection Between Hot And Cold Cylinders İn Enclosed Space Filled With Copper-Water Nanofluid

Jten-2020-578 Experımental Investıgatıon For The Decısıve Role Of Vehıcles In The Aır Pollutıon Of Arak Cıty In Iran And Presentıng The Related Solutıons To Reduce The Aır Pollutıon

Jten-2020-589 Designing Of System For High Grade Heat Recovery İn Thermal Cooling System For Process Heat Applications

Jten-2020-599 The Effects Of Different Typical Meteorological Year Data On The Heating And Cooling Demand Of Buildings: Case Study Of Turkey

Jten-2020-612 Natural Ventılatıon In A Lege Space Wıth Heat Source: Cfd Vısualızatıon And Taguchı Optımızatıon

Jten-2020-614 Effects Of Buoyancy Force And Magnetıc Fıeld On Lamınar Vortex Breakdown And Fluıd Layers

Jten-2020-625 Evaluation And Optimization Of Single-Effect Vapour Absorption System For The Dairy İndustry Using Design Of Experiment Approach

Jten-2020-645 Experimental Studies On Drying Characteristics Of Green Chilies İn A Solar Dryer Manufactured From Waste Aluminum Cans.

Jten-2020-657 Heat Transfer Enhancement İn A Circular Tube With Tri-Partition Flow Splitters

Jten-2021-11 Experımental Investıgatıon And Valıdatıon Of Solar Pv Coolıng For Enhanced Energy Conversıon Effıcıency For Indıan Clımatıc Condıtıons

Jten-2021-15 Numerical İnvestigation Of 3d Unsteady Flow Around A Rotor Of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Darrieus Type H

Jten-2021-22 Heat Transfer Enhancement For Corrugated Facing Step Channels Using Aluminium Nitride Nanofluid- Numerical Investigation

Jten-2021-23 Positive Impact Of Vibration On Heat Transfer İn Twisted Tape Inserted Heat Exchanger

Jten-2021-32 Experimental Study Of Heat Transfer İn A Helical Coiled Tube Biomass Fired Rotary Device

Jten-2021-46 Numerıcal Investıgatıon Of Heat Transfer & Hall Effects On Mhd Nanofluıd Flow Past Over An Oscıllatıng Plate Wıth Radıatıon


May 2022 Regular Issue

Jten-2021-68 Numerical İnvestigation Of Effect Of Different Parameter On Heat Transfer For A Crossflow Heat Exchanger By Using Nanofluids

Jten-2021-78 Parametric Optimization Of Blowdown Operated Double-Effect Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System

Jten-2021-79 Factors Affecting On Human Thermal Comfort Inside The Kitchen Area Of Railway Pantry Car - A Review

Jten-2021-92 Thermo-Economic Feasibility Analysis Of Trilateral-Cycle Power Generators For Waste Heat Recovery-To-Power Applications

Jten-2021-93 Modeling Of Parabolic Collector (A New Approach Of Concentration Ratio Calculation)

Jten-2021-94 Revıew On Latent Thermal Energy Storage Usıng Phase Change Materıal

Jten-2021-105 Energy, Exergy Analysis And Optimization Of İnsulation Thickness On Buildings İn A Low-Temperature District Heating System

Jten-2021-111 Optimization Of Energy Transmittance Through Building Envelope For Hot Dry Climate

Jten-2021-124 Thermodynamic Sensitivity Analysis Of Sofc Integrated With Blade Cooled Gas Turbine Hybrid Cycle

Jten-2021-137 Performance Comparıson Of Basıc And Parallel Double Evaporator Organıc Rankıne Cycle Integrated Wıth Solar Based Supercrıtıcal Co2 Cycle

Jten-2021-138 Experimental Investigation For Heat Transfer Augmentation Method Of Jet Impingement Using A Fluid Of Different Concentrations Of Water And Ethylene Glycol (Eg)

Jten-2021-143 Performance Analysis And Exergy Assessment Of An Inertance Pulse Tube Cryocooler

Jten-2021-156 Experımental And Numerıcal Analysıs Of The Forced Draft Wet Coolıng Tower

Jten-2021-159 Refrigerant Progression - An İnvestigation İnto Eco-Sustainability With Evolution And Viability Of Fourth Generation Refrigerants

Jten-2021-177 Impact Of The V Cap On Induced Turbulent Aır Flow In A Solar Chımney: A Computatıonal Study

Jten-2021-187 Thermal Analysıs On The Impact Of Spray Charactrıstıcs On Evaporatıve Coolıng Process

Jten-2021-209 Evaluatıon Of The Effect Of The Archıtectural Typology On Summer Thermal Comfort Usıng In Sıtu Measurement And Dynamıc Sımulatıon. A Case Stydy Of Hot And Arıd Clımate In Algerıan Saharan Regıon

Jten-2021-212 Comparative Analysis And Optimization Of Thermodynamic Behavior Of Combined Gas-Steam Power Plant Using Grey-Taguchi And Artificial Neutral Network

Jten-2021-235 Evolution Of Steam Turbines: A Bibliometric Approach

Jten-2021-243 Thermodynamic Analysis Of Eco-Friendly Refrigerant Mixtures As Alternative To Hfc-134a İn Household Refrigerator


July 2022 Regular Issue

Jten-2021-270 Numerical İnvestigation Of Thermohydraulic Performance Of Sthx Using Vortex Generators

Jten-2021-279 Experimental İnvestigation On The Effect Of Thermophysical Properties Of A Heat Transfer Fluid On Pumping Performance For A Convective Heat Transfer System

Jten-2021-286 Brownian Motion Models Effect On The Nanofluid Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer İn The Natural, Mixed, And Forced Convection

Jten-2021-289 Mını-Channel Heat Exchanger Optımızatıon Usıng Genetıc Algorıthm And Multıple-Crıterıa Decısıon Makıng

Jten-2021-302 Impact Of Baffle On Forced Convection Heat Transfer Of Cuo/Water Nanofluid İn A Micro-Scale Backward Facing Step Channel

Jten-2021-330 Sımulatıon Of Heat Transfer And Effectıveness In A Helıcal Heat Exchanger Made From Thermally Enhanced Polymer Materıal For Use In Absorptıon Coolıng

Jten-2021-350 Numerical Assessment Of Stability Behaviour İn Supercritical Co2 Based Ncls Configured With Heater, Heat Exchanger And Isothermal Wall As Heat Sources

Jten-2021-391 Optimization Of Exergetic Performance And Payback Period Of Organic Rankine Cycle İntegrated Vapor Compression Refrigeration System Based On Exergy, Economic, And Environmental Criteria

Jten-2021-429 Second Law Analysıs On An Ellıptıcal Twısted Tube For A Heat Exchanger


August 2022 1st Special Issue of 2022

Jten-2021-58 Occupational Heat Stress Under High-Heat Furnace Work Environments – A Comprehensive Review On Developing Countries

Jten-2021-65 Five Different Distributions And Metaheuristics To Model Wind Speed Distribution

Jten-2021-74 Feasibility Study Of Synthesized Carbon As Catalyst İn Biodiesel Production

Jten-2021-82  Desıgn And Development Of A Novel Multıchannel Data Acquısıtıon System Usıng Labvıew For An Automobıle Aır Condıtıonıng Applıcatıon

Jten-2021-106 Empirical Modelling For Work Piece Temperature During End Milling Of Inconel625 Using A Green’s Function Approach Based On Dirac Delta Function

Jten-2021-148 Hydrodynamics Of Single Bubble Rising Through Water Column Using Volume Of Fluid (Vof) Method

Jten-2021-152 Mathematical Modeling Of Semitransparent Photovoltaic Thermal (Spvt) System With Different Packing Factors: An Experimental Validation

Jten-2021-155 Control Of Noıse And Temperature Usıng Radıal Aır Injectıon Insıde Engıne Sılencer

Jten-2021-165 A Sensitivity Study For N Similar Partly Enclosed With Photovoltaic Thermal Flat Plate Collectors Having Series Connection

Jten-2021-202 Profile Drying: A Novel Multistage Convection Drying Method For Indian Dark Red Onion Slices

Jten-2021-206 A Numerical İnvestigation On Thermal Analysis Of Rpc Based Solar Thermochemical Reactor For Two-Step H2o Splitting Cycle For Hydrogen Production

Jten-2021-210 Design And Analysis Of An Alkaline Fuel Cell

Jten-2021-216 Application Of Al2o3/H2o Nanofluid İn Solar Water Desalination System

Jten-2021-236 Cfd Modeling Of İnfluenza Virus Diffusion During Coughing And Breathing İn A Ventilated Room

Jten-2021-259 Comment On “Numerical Analysis Of Heat Transfer İn Multilayered Skin Tissue Exposed To 5g Mobile Communication Frequencies” By Jagbir Kaur And S.A. Khan

Jten-2021-267 Optimization Of Energy And Exergy Parameters For A Conceptual Afterburning Turbojet Engine

Jten-2021-275 Field-Synergy And Nanoparticle’s Size Analysis On Jet Impingement Using Three Oxide–Water-Based Nanofluids

Jten-2021-285 Prediction Of Recital Characteristics Of A Cı Diesel Engine Operated By Bio-Fuel Extracts From Cotton Seed Oil, Linseed Oil And Mahua Seed Oil Using Ann Method

Jten-2021-313 Numerical Analysis Of An İsolation Room To Prevent The Spread Of Covıd-19

Jten-2021-400 Temperature Analysıs For The Horızontal Target Coolıng Wıth Non-Confıned And Inclıned Aır Jet


December 2022 1st Special Issue of 2022

Jten-2021-413 Effect Of Nano-Silica (Sio2) On Thermal Properties Of Concrete

Free ICAME Istanbul Conference 2021 Registration Opportunity for TOP CITED 20 PAPERS

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