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If you have not sent your manuscript's revised version by email according to our template after a year from its acceptance, your paper's status will be changed from ACCEPTED to REJECTED in our database. We will wait your revised manuscript by email for only a year


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Publication Schedule of 2023



We Cannot Publish These Papers

Hıgh Sımılarıty Problem  Jten-2020-469 Growth İn Turbine Size And Technological Development Of Modern Commercial Large Scale Wind Turbines İn Turkey

Hıgh Sımılarıty Problem Jten-2021-627 Interaction Between The Turbulent Natural Convection Of Nanofluids And External Magnetic Fields İn A Rectangular Cavity

Hıgh Sımılarıty Problem Jten-2021-650 Estımatıon And Analysıs Of Exergy Loss And Performance Evaluatıon Of Marıne Fresh Water Generatıng System

Hıgh Sımılarıty Problem Jten-2021-713 Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of Heat Transfer Enhancement İn Double Coil Heat Exchanger



September 2023 Regular Issue

1 Jten-2020-578 Experımental Investıgatıon For The Decısıve Role Of Vehıcles In The Aır Pollutıon Of Arak Cıty In Iran And Presentıng The Related Solutıons To Reduce The Aır Pollutıon

2 Jten-2021-424 Experımental Evaluatıon Of The Effect Of Leakage In Scroll Compressor

3 Jten-2021-481 Temperature Effect On The Energy Degradatıon From Photovoltaıc Power System

4 Jten-2021-546 The Effects Of Different Wing Configurations On Missile Aerodynamics

5 Jten-2021-590 Parametric Evaluatiparametrıc Evaluatıon Of Solar Integrated Combıned Partıal Coolıng

6 Jten2021-613 New Similarity Method Analysis Of The Transient Thermal Boundary Layer On A Horizontal Flat Plate: Strouhal And Prandtl Numbers Effect

7 Jten-2021-694 “An Exploratory Revıew On Heat Transfer Mechanısms In Nanofluıd Based Heat Pıpes”

8  Jten-2021-723 Exergoeconomic Study Of Reheat Combined Cycle Configurations Using Steam And Ammonia-Water Mixture For Bottoming Cycle Parameters Supercrıtıcal Co2 Cycle And Organıc Rankıne Cycle Usıng Low Global Warmıng Potentıal Fluıd

9 Jten-2021-763 Cfd Modelling Of The Microclimate Of A Cultivated Greenhouse: A Validation Study Between Experimental And Numerical Results

10 Jten-2022-57 Performance Enhancement Of Stepped Solar Still Coupled With Evacuated Tube Collector

11 Jten-2022-74 Investigation Of Thermo-Rheological Properties Of Fe3o4/Ethylene Glycol Nanofluid İn A Square Cavity

12  Jten-2022-90 Experimental İnvestigation Of Double-Glazed Double-Pass Solar Air-Heater With Multi-V Ribs Having Trapezoidal Roughness Geometry

13 Jten-2022-96 Effect Of Heat Flux And Mass Flux On The Heat Transfer Characteristics Of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide For A Vertically Downward Flow Using Computational Fluid Dynamics And Artificial Neural Networks

14 Jten-2022-98 An Experimental Investigation Of The Performance Characteristics Of Heat Pipe Using Aqueous Hybrid Nanofluid

15 Jten-2022-111 Heat Transfer Enhancement And Application Of Thermal Energy Storage Techniques On Solar Air Collectors: A Review

16 Jten-2022-115 Fossil Energy Reduction For Heating And Cooling Of Buildings Using Shallow Geothermal İntegrated Energy Systems – A Comprehensive Review

17 Jten-2022-501 Determination of optimum insulation thickness in submarines

18 Jten-2022-151 Geometric Modification And Placement Of High Flux Ic Chips On Substrates Of Different Materials For Enhanced Heat Transfer

19 Jten-2022-158 Surface Modification Techniques For Cooling By İmpinging Jets- A Review

20 Jten-2021-396 Numerıcal Sımulatıon To Study Mıxıng Vane Spacer Effects On Heat Transfer Performance Of Supercrıtıcal Pressure Fluıd In An Annular Channe


November 2023 Regular Issue

1 Jten-2021-413 Effect Of Nano-Silica (Sio2) On Thermal Properties Of Concrete

2 Jten-2021-545 Single-Phase And Two-Phase Models Of A Hybrid Nanofluid Traveling Through A Non-Uniformly Heated (Ptc) Receiver: A Comparative Study

3 Jten-2021-649 Insight Of Boundary Layer Structure With Heat Transfer Through A Diverging Porous Channel İn Darcy-Forchheimer Porous Material With Suction/İnjection: A Study Of Separation Control

4 Jten-2021-658 Performance Evaluation Of Triple Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger Using [Emım][Bf4] Ionic Liquid And Mwcnt/[Emım][Bf4] Ionanofluid

5 Jten-2022-36 Experimental Study On The Combustion Of Gaseous Based Fuel (Lpg) İn A Tangential Swirl Burner Of A Steam Boiler

6 JTEN-2022-99 Experimental study on a novel waterless solar collector

7 Jten-2022-118 Heat Transfer Enhancement Of Electronıc Devıces By Usıng Flexıble Prınted Cırcuıt Boards

8 Jten-2022-151 Heat Transfer Model For Dropwise Condensation On Hydrophobic And Superhydrophobic Interfaces

9 Jten-2022-157 Geometric Modification And Placement Of High Flux Ic Chips On Substrates Of Different Materials For Enhanced Heat Transfer

10 Jten-2022-161 Sımulatıon Of Vapour Compressıon Aır Condıtıonıng System Usıng Al2o3 Based Nanofluıd Refrıgerant 

11 Jten-2022-177 Analysis Of Solar Water Desalination Using Hybrid Nanofluids: An Experimental Study

12 Jten-2022-204 Experimental İnvestigation Of İmpact Of Fire Size On Heat Transfer And Flame Behavior Of İnitial Stage Unsteady Pool Fires İnside A Cubical Enclosure.

13 Jten-2022-218 Mathematical Modelling Of Evaporation Rate And Heating Of Biodiesel Blends Of Single-Component Droplets

14 Jten-2022-237 Numerical Analysis On Heat Transfer, Flow Structure And Exergy Loss Of Combined Truncated And Circular Ribs İn A Square Duct

15 Jten-2022-239 Thermal Performance Of Cocoa Pod Cook Stove

16 Jten-2022-242 Advances İn Solar Absorption Cooling Systems: An Overview

17 Jten-2022-257 Gas-Lıquıd Two-Phase Flow Pressure Drop In Flattened Tubes: An Experımental And Numerıcal Study

18 Jten-2022-261 Experimental İnvestigation Of Forced Convective Heat Transfer And Fluid Flow İn A Mini Heat Pipe With İntegrated Microgrooves

19 Jten-2022-272 Hydrothermal Analysis Of Archimedean Spiral Single And Dual Channel Heat Sink For Cpu Cooling

20 Jten-2022-273 Multi-Objective Optimization Of A Biomass Microchp-Orc System Under Supercritical Conditions


January 2024 Regular Issue (It will include 10, 15 or 20 papers)

1 Jten-2022-244 Extended Experımental Investıgatıon Of A Double-Effect Actıve Solar Stıll Wıth A Paraffın Wax, In Owerrı, Nıgerıa.

2 Jten-2022-252 Prıncıpal Parameters Of Thermoelectrıc Generator Module Desıgn For Effectıve Industrıal Waste Heat Recovery

3 Jten-2022-281 Experimental Study On Heat Transfer From Rectangular Fins İn Combined Convection

4 Jten-2022-297 Experimental And Computational Study Of Heat Transfer And Flow Structure Of Slotted İmpinging Jet

5 JTEN-2022-305 Investigation the heat sink performance of the Inline and cut cross fins types using Different Aluminum Alloys

6 JTEN-2022-337 Effect of modifying bowl geometry for IC engine fueled with diesel and Bio fuels - Review

7 JTEN-2022-354 An experimental study for a single-pass solar air heater integrated with artificial roughness

8 Jten-2022-355 Numerıcal Analysıs Of Coupled Fluıd Flow And Natural Heat Transfer On A Vertıcal Flat Plate


10 Jten-2022-376 Thermal Management Systems Of E-Vehicle Li-Ion Battery Modules: A Comprehensive Review

11 Jten-2022-378 Impact Of Inclıned Magnetıc Fıeld On Non-Orthogonal Stagnatıon Poınt Flow Of Cnt-Water Through Stretchıng Surface In A Porous Medıum

12 Jten-2022-387 An Enhancement Of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Performance At A Constant Wall Temperature Using A Nanofluid Of Iron Oxide And Refrigerant Vapor

13 Jten-2022-235 The İmpact Of Climate Change And Operating Conditions On The Performance Of The Photovoltaic Trombe Wall: An Empirical Evaluation

14 Jten-2022-330 Experimental and theoretical investigation of thermal efficiency and productivity of single slope basin type solar distillation system using Honey-Comb

15 Jten-2022-392 A Case Study On The Modeling And Simulation Of Uavs

16 Jten-2022-395 Crıtıcal Investıgatıon Of Mıcrochannel Desıgn Effect On Thermal Performances Of A Pem Fuel Cell

17 JTEN-2022-396 Energy, Exergy and Entropy Analysis with R1234yf as an Alternate Refrigerant to R134a of Automobile Air Conditioning System

18 JTEN-2022-407 Numerical Investigation of the Effects of the Bronchial Stenosis on Airflow in Human Respiratory Tract

19 Jten-2022-421 Recent Developments İn Thermal Management Of Light-Emitting Diodes (Leds): A Review

20  JTEN-2022-424 MHD Boundary layer Micropolar fluid Flow over a Stretching Wedge Surface: Thermoforesis and Brownian Motion Effect


March 2024 Regular Issue (It will include 10, 15 or 20 papers)

1 Jten-2022-430 Thermo-Economic Evaluation Of Solar Boiler Power Plant

2 JTEN-2022-431 Thermal Stress Analysis in Pin Fin Microchannel Heat Sink

3 Jten-2022-444 Review Of Various Solar Cavity Receivers Of Parabolic Dish Concentrators With Design Aspects And Heat Loss Analysis

4 JTEN-2022-452 Numerical analysis of Turbulent flow and heat transfer enhancement using V-shaped Grooves mounted on the Rotary Kiln’s outer Walls

5 JTEN-2022-458 Convective thermal losses of long-term underground hot water storage



8 JTEN-2022-486 Towards the use of natural thermal insulations on exterior of the vertical walls in the desert regions. Case study the city of Bechar, Algeria

9 JTEN-2022-508 An Experimental study of performance and emission characteristics of CI Engine using Biodiesel-diesel Graphene oxide blends

10JTEN-2022-511 Comparative Evaluation of Experimental Ejector Refrigeration System for Different Operating Configurations

11 Jten-2022-515 A review report on heat enhancement in solar flat plate collectors

12 JTEN-2023-4 Enhancement in Thermal and Electrical Characteristics of Solar Photovoltaic Module through a Direct Contact Water Jacketed Cooling System

13 JTEN-2023-7 Influences Of Iso-amyl nitrate Oxygenated Additive on Mahua Methyl Ester/Diesel Blends Thermal Stability and CRDI Engine Performance Characteristics

14 JTEN-2023-9 A Thermohydrodynamic Performance Analysis of a Fluid Film Bearing Considering with Geometrical Parameters

15 JTEN-2023-26 Drying Model based on the relative humidity profile of thin-layer tomatoes in an indirect solar dryer

16JTEN-2023-33 Analysis of thermophysical properties of novel hybrid nanoparticles based vegetable nanofluid

17 JTEN-2023-67 Study on Exhaust Gas Recirculation Diesel Engine using Karanja Oil Methyl Ester with Low Heat Rejection in Direct Injection


19 JTEN-2023-85 Thermal and dynamic characterization of a multi-jet system with different geometry diffusers

20 JTEN-2023-96 Dufour and Soret effects on unsteady MHD mixed convective flow across a stretching curved surface with thermal and velocity slip: A numerical study


May 2024 Regular Issue (It will include 10, 15 or 20 papers)

1 Jten-2021-286 Brownian Motion Models Effect On The Nanofluid Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer İn The Natural, Mixed, And Forced Convection

2 Jten-2021-422 Effect Of Stoıchıometrıc Ratıo On Flame Characterıstıcs For Propane-Methanol Blends At Elevated Inıtıal Temperature

3 Jten-2021-753 Experimental Study On The Effects Of Low Frequency Ultrasonic Waves On Natural Convection Regime: Effects Of Transducers Position And Wave İnterference

4 Jten-2022-30 Influence Of Different Geometrical Dimple Configurations On Flow Behaviour And Thermal Performance Within A 3d Circular Pipe

5 Jten-2022-31 Numerical İnvestigation Of An Amalgamation Of Two Phase Change Materials Thermal Energy Storage System

6 Jten-2022-49 Experimental İnvestigation Of Axial Finned Tube Evaporator Thermal Distillation System Using For Diesel Engine Waste Heat Recovery Process

7 JTEN-2022-326 Numerical Simulation of Aerodynamic Performance of the Wing with Edge of Attack and Sinusoidal Escape

8 Jten-2022-434  Experimental And Numerical İnvestigation Of Solar Air Heater With Rectangular S-Shaped Artificial Roughness On Absorber Plate

9 JTEN-2022-493 Numerical Investigation of the aspect ratio and chevron angle effects on heat transfer and fluid flow of plate heat exchanger

10 JTEN-2022-510 Emerging Trends and Global Challenges to Predict Drop in Thermal Performance Of WTG Gearbox

11 JTEN-2023-1 Thermodynamic Analysis of Solar Assisted Binary Vapour Cycle Using Ammonia-Water Mixture and Transcritical CO2 : A review

12 JTEN-2023-14 Impact of biodiesel blends on performance, emissions and waste heat recovery of diesel Engine driven cogeneration system

13 JTEN-2023-51 Design and Development of Air Ventilated Air Bed for Hospitalized Patients

14 JTEN-2023-54 Numerical simulation of the shell cooling of a rotary kiln

15 JTEN-2023-66 Temperature and Salt Concentration Behaviour of a Compact Rectangular Salinity Gradient Solar Pound

16 JTEN-2023-72 Energy, exergy and economic analysis of ammonia-water power cycle coupled with trans-critical carbon di-oxide cycle

17 JTEN-2023-114 Numerical investigation of a direct absorption evacuated tube solar collector using alumina nanofluid


19 JTEN-2023-125 Thermo-Fluid Performance of a Heat Exchanger with a Novel Perforated Flow Deflector Type Conical Baffles

20 JTEN-2023-128 Drying Solanum lycopersicum (Tomatoes) in Greenhouse Solar Dryer: An Eco-Environmental Study


May 2024 Regular Issue (It will include 10, 15 or 20 papers)








We Cannot Publish These Papers (Template Error, Please Send Your Word File by Email To dalkilic@yildiz.edu.tr,

Please Read Https://Eds.Yildiz.Edu.Tr/Journal-Of-Thermal-Engineering/Announcements/89) !!!

No Word File ... Jten-2020-182 Micro-Polar Fluid Flow İnduced Due To A Vertical Porous Surface With Heat Absorption And Joule Heating Effects

No Word File ... Jten-2020-398 Multi-Criteria Evaluation Of The İnfluence Of Air-Water Two-Phase Flow On The Performance Of Horizontal Double-Tube Heat Exchanger

No Word File ...  Jten-2021-447 Flow Field And Heat Transfer Of Ferromagnetic Nanofluid İn Presence Of Magnetic Field İnside A Corrugated Tube

No Word File ...   Jten-2021-532 Optimal Model Development Of Renewable Energy Network Hub For The Utilities Of İndustrial Towns (Case Study: Abbas Abad Industrial Town)

No Word File ...  Jten-2021-580 Effect Of Base Temperature And Cooling Degree Day On Optimum Insulation Thickness İn Building Walls

No Word File ... 13 Jten-2021-612 Ess-Les: A Novel Les Model Based On The Local Mınımızatıon Of The Entropy Generatıon Rate: Fırst Numerıcal Results

No Word File ... Jten-2022-95 Effect Of Porosity On Thermal Behaviour Of Sintered P/M İron Material

No Word File ... JTEN-2022-325 Experimental and numerical study for Assessment indoor air quality by Adopting Mixing Ventilation with different occupants density in Iraq hot climates

No Word File ...  JTEN-2022-439 Numerical investigation of fluid flow and heat transfer within multilayer wavy microchannels


No Word File ...  JTEN-2022-537 Energy, Exergy and Performance Analysis of a 380 kWp roof-top PV plant assisted with Data-Driven Models for Energy Generation

No Word File ...JTEN-2023-23 umerical Investigation on Comparative Performance Assessment of Solar Air Heater with different Artificial Roughness Elements in a Triangular Duct

No Word File ...  JTEN-2023-80 Optimisation of Thermohydraulic Performance of Triangular Duct Solar air Heater with alternative dimple shaped protrusion and Intrusion on the absorber plate




Please Read It Before Your Submission

1. Avoid using abbreviations in the Title, Abstract and Conclusions, if possible.


2. Papers published in our journal require some link to "applications" and "thermal processes" as part of the journal’s mission and scope. Address the application of your work, results or findings, while considering the wider readership of the journal. Appropriate actions to address this requirement include the addition of further content: a) focussing on specific thermal processes that occur as part of the overall study, and/or b) linking and discussing the implications of the reported research to stated application(s) of interest.


3. Manuscripts submitted to our journal are expected to be written in good English and proof read carefully to ensure that research is communicated clearly.


4. The Abstract should contain answers to the following questions: What problem was studied and why is it important? What methods were used? What are the important results? What conclusions can be drawn from the results? What is the novelty of the work and where does it go beyond previous efforts in the literature?  Please include specific and quantitative results in your Abstract, while ensuring that it is suitable for a broad audience. References, figures, tables, equations and abbreviations should be avoided.


5. The originality of the paper needs to be stated clearly. It is of importance to have sufficient results to justify the novelty of a high-quality journal paper. The Introduction should make a compelling case for why the study is useful along with a clear statement of its novelty or originality by providing relevant information and providing answers to basic questions such as: What is already known in the open literature? What is missing (i.e., research gaps)? What needs to be done, why and how? Clear statements of the novelty of the work should also appear briefly in the Abstract and Conclusions sections.


6. An updated and complete literature review should be conducted and should appear as part of the Introduction, while bearing in mind the work’s relevance to the journal and taking into account the scope and readership of the journal. The results and findings should be compared to and discussed in the context of earlier work in the literature.


In addition to these items above, your paper can rejected due to one of the reasons below.

- Low quality
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- Missing affiliation
- Unconvincing results
- Different content from those in the regular issues
- Submission error for one of our Special Issues
- Template error (do not use our template at first submission)
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- Insufficient content
- Missing deep analyses
- Missing manuscript in the submission
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