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Publication Schedule of 2020 and 2021

2nd Special Issue of 2020

Jten-2018-55 Mixed Convection In A Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube-Water Nanofluid Filled Partially

Heated Triangular Lid-Driven Cavity Having An Elastic Bottom Wall

Jten-2018-109 Characterization Of Aerogel Based Thermal Insulation Blankets, Economics, And Applications For Domestic Water Heaters

Jten-2018-115 Experimental And Numerical Investigations Of Solar Flux Density Distribution Over Flat Plate Receiver Of Model Heliostat System

Jten-2018-122 Design, Produce And Control Of A 2-Dof Upper Limb Exoskeletal Robot

Jten-2018-218 Numerical Investigation Of Root Canal Irrigation By Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Jten-2018-303 Comparative Assessment Of The Emission Characteristics Of First, Second And Third Generation Biodiesels As Fuel In A Diesel Engine

Jten-2018-328 Flow Dynamics Of Lid-Driven Cavities With Obstacles Of Various Shapes And Configurations Using The Lattice Boltzmann Method

Jten-2018-332 Mathematical Modelling And Sensitivity Analysis Of A Photovoltaic Thermal System

Jten-2018-338 Building Integrated Honeycomb Layered Semi-Transparent Photovoltaic Thermal System

Jten-2018-339 Appropriate Saline Water Ratio For Thermal Heat Recovery In A Parabolic Semi-Transparent Pv Hybrid Systems

Jten-2018-351 Energy, Exergy, Environmental Comprative Investigation And Optimization Of Landfill Vs. Incineration For Municipal Ssolid Waste Management: Case Study Varamin, Iran

Jten-2018-363 Development Of An Efficient T-Type Strainer With Its Performance Evaluation

Jten-2018-438 Investigation Of Flow Characteristics And Vortex Formations Of Lambda Wing At High Angles Of Attack

Jten-2018-481 Parametric Study Of The Non-Premixed Coal Combustion İn Furnace For Heat Transfer & Emission Characteristics


January 2021 Regular Issue

JTEN-2017-43 Study and Modeling of a Heat Exchanger for the purpose of Air Conditioning a Space by a Canadian Well using Geothermal Energy

JTEN-2017-152 Heat transfer enhancement of lotus type porous heat sink with bifurcation under laminar and turbulent flows

Jten-2018-185 An Overview Of Recent Progress In Condensation Heat Transfer Enhancement Across Horizontal Tubes And Tube Bundles

JTEN-2018-418 Thermodynamic Performance Analysis Of Dedicated Mechanically Sub-Cooled Vapour Compression Refrigeration System

JTEN-2018-433 Thermodynamic Assessment And Optimization Of A Novel Trigeneration Energy System Based On Solar Energy And MSW Gasification Using Energy And Exergy Concepts

JTEN-2018-476 Forced Convection Cooling Of Multiple Heat Sources Using Open Cell Metal Foams

JTEN-2018-489 Waste Heat Recovery Technologies: Pathway To Sustainable Energy Development

JTEN-2018-523 Finite Element Solution Of Hydromagnetic Mixed Convection İn A Nanofluid Filled Vented Grooved Channel

Jten-2018-554 Numerıcal Investıgatıon Of The Blade Profıle Effect On The Aerodynamıc Performance Of A Vertıcal-Axıs Wınd Turbıne Darrıeus H-Rotor.

JTEN-2018-579 Performance Evaluation Of Parabolic Trough Collector With Receiver Position Error

JTEN-2018-585 Numerical Analysis Of Natural Convection İn A Heated Room And İts İmplication On Thermal Comfort

JTEN-2018-586 CFD Numerical And Experimental İnvestigation Of Two-Phase Flow Development After An Expansion Device İn A Horizontal Pipe

Jten-2018-591 A Theoretıcal Investıgatıon On The Evaporatıve Heat Transfer Of Co2 In Smooth And Mıcrofın Tube

JTEN-2018-594 Analytical And Comparative Investigation Of Particulate Size Effect On Slurry Flow Characteristics Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Jten-2018-598 Effect Of Exhaust Layout On The Indoor Thermal Comfort Under Harsh Weather Conditions

Jten-2018-615 Reductıon Of Energy Use In Industrıal Facılıty

Jten-2018-619 Performance Analysis Of A Solar-Driven Ejector Air Conditioning System Under El-Oued Climatic Conditions, Algeria

Jten-2018-636 Thermodynamıc Investıgatıons On 227kwp Industrıal Rooftop Power Plant

Jten-2019-7 Comparison Study Between Theoretical Analysis And Artificial Neural Network Of The Capillary Tube

Jten-2019-33 Varıatıonal Model Of Thermal Explosıon In An Ellıpsoıd Of Revolutıon

Jten-2019-38 Prediction Sulphuric Acid And Water Vapour Dew Point Temperatures Of Flue Gases And Combustion Analysis For Solid Fuels İn Turkey


February 2021 1st Special Issue of 2021

Jten-2018-482 A Combıned Experıment-Sımulatıon Study On Temperature Regıme Of Roller-Compacted Concrete Applyıng For Dam Constructıon

Jten-2018-497 Predıctıng Boıler Effıcıency Deterıoratıon Usıng Energy Balance Method: Case Study In 660 Mw Power Plant Jepara, Central Java, Indonesıa

Jten-2018-528 Numerıcal Investıgatıon Of Desıgn Parameters Effects On Performance Of Coolıng System Desıgned For A Multı-Layer Lıthıum Ion Cell

Jten-2018-571 Modelling And Simulation Of Solar Water Thermo Siphon Sensor Efficiency And Application For Different Sites İn Algeria.

Jten-2018-623 Experımental And Computatıonal Investıgatıon Of Flame Holders In Combustıon Chambers At Dıfferent Thermal Loads

Jten-2019-3 Effect Of Particle Size On Thermal, Electrical And Mechanical Properties Of Graphite Epoxy Composites

JTEN-2019-20 Numerical Analysis of Heat transfer in Multilayered Skin Tissue Exposed to 5G Mobile Communication Frequencies

Jten-2019-70 Aerodynamic Study Of Slotted Flap For Naca 24012 Airfoil By Dynamic Mesh Techniques And Visualization Flow

Jten-2019-224 Effect Of Dye Concentratıon On Patterned Lumınescent Solar Concentrator

JTEN-2019-245 Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate As Phase Change Material İn Double Slope Solar Still

JTEN-2019-266 Environmental İmpact Of Using Generators İn The University Of Technology İn Baghdad, Iraq

JTEN-2019-280 Three-Dimensional Simulation Of A Turbulent Flow Around An Tapered Cube Dug İn The Middle.

JTEN-2019-295 An Experimental Study Optimization Of A Photovoltaic Solar Pumping System Used For Solar Domestic Hot Water System Under Iraqi Climate

JTEN-2019-345 Optical and Radiative Properties of Individual and Hybrid Nanosuspensions: The effects of similar and dissimilar particle agglomerates on Thermal Radiation

Jten-2019-348 As A Potentıal Hydraulıc Fluıd: Corn Oıl Behavıor Characterıstıcs Examınatıon

JTEN-2019-485 Bıo-Heat Transfer In Cancer Treatment Usıng Cryo-Freezıng Method

JTEN-2019-654 Stabilization of Minority Carrier Lifetime in PERC Structured Silicon Solar Cell

JTEN-2019-702 Characterızatıon Of Synthesızed Polymerıc Blend Membranes Enhanced By Methyl Dıethanolamıne For Effıcıent Co2 Separatıon

JTEN-2020-25 A Bayesıan Network-Based Approach For Faılure Analysıs In Weapon Industry

JTEN-2020-43 Numerıcal Investıgatıon Of Rod-Aırfoıl Confıguratıon Aeroacoustıc Characterıstıcs Usıng Ffowcs-Wıllıams-Hawkıngs Equatıons

JTEN-2020-92 Mixed convection heat transfer of SiO2-water and Alumina-PAO nano-lubricants used in a mechanical ball bearing

JTEN-2020-123 Dynamıc Sımulatıon Of An Aır-Gap Membrane Dıstıllatıon (Agmd) Process Usıng Photovoltaıc Panels System And Flat Plate Collectors

JTEN-2020-194 Mixing enhancement in electroosmotic micromixers

Jten-2019-202 Automotıve Headlamp Hıgh Power Led Coolıng System And Its Effect On Junctıon Temperature And Lıght Intensıty

JTEN-2020-212 The Temperature Dıstrıbutıon Of The Wet Cylınder Lıner Of V-12 Engıne Accordıng To Calculatıon And Experıment

JTEN-2020-233 Biogas production from waste in a sanitary landfill reactor

JTEN-2020-280 Numerical investigation of MHD Casson Nanofluid Flow towards a Non linear Stretching Sheet in presence of Double-Diffusive effects along with Viscous and Ohmic Dissipation


March 2021 Regular Issue

Jten-2019-43 Analysis Of A Hybrid Cascaded Latent/Sensible Storage System For Parabolic- Trough Solar Thermal Plants

Jten-2019-50 Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization Of The K-Type Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger (Case Study)

Jten-2019-57 Numerical Investigation Of Heat Transfer Water-Cooled Roof İn An Electric Arc Furnace

Jten-2019-81 Review Enhancement Of Thermal Conductivity And Heat Transfer Using Carbon Nanotube For Nanofluids And Ionanofluids

Jten-2019-93 Thermal Design, Analysis And Test Validation Of Turksat-3usat Satellite

Jten-2019-101 Experimental Investigation On Thermal Behavior Of Hybrid Single Slope Solar Still

Jten-2019-124 Physıcal Effects Of Varıable Fluıd Propertıes On Gaseous Slıp-Flow Through A Mıcro-Channel Heat Sınk

Jten-2019-139 A Method To Predıct Foulıng On Multı-Storey Buıldıng Mounted Solar Photovoltaıc Panels: A Computatıonal Fluıd Dynamıcs Approach

Jten-2019-148 Convective Heat Transfer And Fully Developed Flow For Circular Tube Power Law Fluids Condition

JTEN-2019-149 Performance Of Rectangular Pin-Fin Heat Sink Subject To An Impinging Air Flow

Jten-2019-151 Numerıcal Study Of Turbulent Heat Transfer In A Horızontal Channel Provıded Wıth Square Blocks: Effect Of The Inter Blocks Spacıng

Jten-2019-176 A Revıew On Pulsatıng Heat Pıpes: Latest Research, Applıcatıons And Future Scope

JTEN-2019-183 Thermal Performance İnvestigation Of A Hybrid Solar Air Heater Applied İn A Solar Dryer Using Thermodynamic Modeling

Jten-2019-197 Thermoeconomic Analysis And Multi-Objective Optimization Of An İntegrated Solar System For Hydrogen Production Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

JTEN-2019-203 Numerıcal Investıgatıon Of Natural Convectıon Wıth Heated Tubes In Tunnel Greenhouse 

JTEN-2019-228 Effect Of Aligned Magnetic Field And İnclined Outer Velocity İn Casson Fluid Flow Over A Stretching Sheet With Heat Source

Jten-2019-230 Numerical Investigation Of Horizontal Magnetic Field Effect On The Flow Charactrestics Of Gallium Filled İn A Vertical Annulus

JTEN-2019-236 Parametric Effects On The Performance Of An Industrial Cooling Tower

JTEN-2019-238 Solar Absorption Cooling Systems :A Review

Jten-2019-262 Cfd Modelıng Of Slurry Pıpelıne At Dıfferent Prandtl Numbers


May 2021 Regular Issue

Jten-2019-290 A Systematıc Graphıcal Method For Synthesıs Of Heat Exchanger Networks

Jten-2019-297 Influence Of Relaxatıon Tımes On Heat Transfer In Human Head Exposed To Mıcrowave Frequencıes

Jten-2019-324 Thermal Numerıcal Investıgatıon Of A Small Parabolıc Trough Collector Under Desert Clımatıc Condıtıons

JTEN-2019-332 Performance Comparison And Investigation Of Two Different Renewable Energy Fueled Multigeneration Systems

JTEN-2019-333 Performance Analysis Of A Micro Heat Exchanger İn Electronic Cooling Applications

JTEN-2019-337 An Estimation Method For Greenhouse Temperature Under The İnfluence Of Evaporative Cooling System

JTEN-2019-361 Enhancement The Solar Distiller Water By Using Parabolic Dish Collector With Single Slope Solar Still

JTEN-2019-366 Optimum Design Analysis of a Solar-Assisted LiBr/H2O Absorption System with a Flat-Plate Collector

Jten-2019-371 A Novel Trı-Generatıon Energy System Integratıng Solar Energy And Indestrıal Waste Heat

Jten-2019-398 Performance Analysıs Of Adsorptıon Refrıgeratıon System Usıng Sılıcagel/Methanol Paır: Experımental & Analytıcal

JTEN-2019-416 Study Of The Flow And Heat Transfer Of A Viscoelastic Fluid Using Hybrid Neural Network-Particle Swarm Optimization (HNNPSO)

JTEN-2019-418 Performance Characteristics Of A Two-Phase Thermosyphon Utilizing R-407C For Various Inclination Angles And Filling Ratios

JTEN-2019-426 Flow Behaviour and Thermal Separation Mechanism on Vortex Tube

JTEN-2019-432 Numerical Investigation On Enhancement Of Heat Transfer İn A Ribbed Tube With Different Twisted Tape Inserts

Jten-2019-434 A Loop Thermosyphon For Lıquıd Cooled Mınıchannels Heat Sınk Wıth Pulsate Surface Heat Flux

JTEN-2019-444 Effect of viscosity on entropy generation for laminar flow in helical pipes

JTEN-2019-478 Experimental and Theoretical Study of Heat Power Generated and Fusion Features

JTEN-2019-484 Natural Convection Heat Transfer from a Horizontal Circular Cylinder Located in a Square Cylinder with and without Fibrous Porous Material

JTEN-2019-491 Parametric investigation of open-drive scroll expander for micro organic Rankine cycle applications

JTEN-2019-511 A Comprehensive Review to Study and Implement Solar Energy in Dairy Industries


July 2021 Regular Issue

JTEN-2019-520 Simulation of turbulent convective heat transfer of γ-Al2O3/water nanofluid in a tube by ANN and ANFIS models

JTEN-2019-537 Enhancement of Household Refrigerator Energy Efficiency by Studying the Effect of Refrigerant Charge and Capillary tube Length

JTEN-2019-541 Optıcal Numerıcal Investıgatıon Of A Solar Power Plant Of Parabolıc Trough Collectors

JTEN-2019-562 Experımental Investıgatıon Of A Scheffler Reflector For The Medıum Temperature Applıcatıons

JTEN-2019-578 Convectıve Heat And Mass Transfer Of Chemıcally Reactıng Fluıds Wıth Actıvatıon Energy Wıth Radıatıon And Heat Generatıon

JTEN-2019-605 Energy And Exergy Analysıs Of A Combıned System: Cascade Organıc Rankıne Cycle And Cascade Refrıgeratıon Cycle

JTEN-2019-646 Heat Transfer Analysis of Hybrid Active Solar Still with Water Flowing over Glass Cover

JTEN-2019-659 Multıscale Approach Of The Equıvalent Thermal Conductıvıty Of Modıfıed Foam-Fılled And Non-Fılled Hollow Brıck And A Brıck Wall

JTEN-2019-667 Numerıcal Sımulatıon On Performance Evaluatıon Among Metal And Oxıde Based Nanofluıds For Power Savıngs Applıcatıon Of A Cırcular Tube

JTEN-2019-669 Temperature-Dependent Partıcle Stabılıty Behavıor And Its Effect On Radıatıve Transfer In Water/Sio2 Nanofluıds

JTEN-2019-684 Experimental study of combustion of low-calorific producer gas from small scale biomass gasification within porous burner

JTEN-2019-690 Comparative Exergy and Energy Analyses and Optimization of Different Configurations for a Laundry Purpose

JTEN-2019-707 A Review on Convective Heat Augmentation Techniques in Solar thermal collector Using Nanofluid

JTEN-2019-708 Natural Convection Heat Transfer Inside Horizontal Circular Enclosure with Triangular Cylinder at Different Angles of Inclination

JTEN-2019-728 Effect of Air Fan Position on Heat transfer Performance of Elliptical Pin Fin Heat Sink Subjected to Impinging Air Flow

JTEN-2019-733 Heat And Mass Transfer In Stagnatıon Poınt Flow Of Cross Nanofluıd Over A Permeable Extendıng/Contractıng Surface: A Stabılıty Analysıs

JTEN-2019-734 Energetıc And Exergetıc Performance Comparıson Of An Experımental Automotıve Aır Condıtıonıng System Usıng Refrıgerants R1234yf And R134a

JTEN-2019-737 A Numerical Study of Entropy Generation on an Oldroyd-B Nanofluid flow Past a Riga Plate

JTEN-2019-740 Experimental testing of Scroll Machine Driven by Compressed Air for Power Generation and Its integration in Small Scale Organic Rankine Cycle

JTEN-2019-754 Comparatıve Thermal Analysıs Of Applıcatıons Usıng Novel Solar Aır Heater Wıth U-Shaped Longıtudınal Fıns: Suıtable For Coastal Regıons


August 2021 Regular Issue

JTEN-2019-763 Effect Of Orıentatıon Of Ellıptıc Tube On The Total Meltıng Tıme Of Latent Thermal Energy Storage Systems

JTEN-2019-766 Factors influencing the performance of solar air heater (SAH) having artificial coarseness: A review

JTEN-2019-769 Simulation modeling and Experimental validation of solar photovoltaic PMBLDC motor water pumping system

JTEN-2019-771 Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics in an Offset Strip Fin Heat Exchanger

JTEN-2019-781 Analysis and simulation of thermal performance of a PTC with secondary reflector

JTEN-2019-784 Mıxed Convectıon Heat Transfer From A Vertıcal Flat Plate Subjected To Perıodıc Oscıllatıons

JTEN-2019-790 Influences of the dead end on the flow characteristics at the exhaust manifold of a marine diesel engine

JTEN-2020-10 Impact of Outer Velocity on Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer in Casson Nanofluid over a Non-linear Stretching Sheet

JTEN-2020-32 Numerical Investigation of Supercritical Heat Transfer of Water flowing in Vertical and Horizontal Tube with Emphasis of Gravity Effect

JTEN-2020-33 A Study on Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis of Solar Distillation System

JTEN-2020-44 Experımental Research And Cfd Sımulatıon Of Cross Flow Mıcrochannel Heat Exchanger

JTEN-2020-52 Boılıng Heat Transfer Sımulatıon In Rectangular Mılı-Channels

JTEN-2020-69 Thermodynamıc Analysıs Of The Allam Cycle And Its Pressure Sensıtıvıty

JTEN-2020-74 Energy and Exergy Analysis of an enhanced Solar CCHP system with a Collector embedded by Porous media and Nano fluid

JTEN-2020-81 Experımental Study Of A Stand-Alone Earth To Aır Heat Exchanger For Heatıng And Coolıng In Arıd Regıons

JTEN-2020-87 Mixed Convective flow of Heat and Mass Transfer of Nanofluids over a Static Wedge with Convective Boundary Conditions

JTEN-2020-93 Comparison of Thermal Response Times of Historical and Modern Building Wall Materials

JTEN-2020-110 Numerıcal Comparıson Study On Heat Transfer Enhancement Of Dıfferent Cross-Sectıon Wıre Coıls Insert Wıth Varyıng Pıtches In A Duct

JTEN-2020-115 Experimental investigation on thermal conductivity and thermal degredation of Honge oil methyl ester with B-20 blend

JTEN-2020-148 Large Eddy Sımulatıon Of Flow Over Ellıptıc Cylınder Array In Square Confıguratıon At Sub-Crıtıcal Reynolds Numbers


October 2021 Regular Issue

JTEN-2020-156 Desıgn, Implementatıon And Analysıs Of The Overall Performance Of A Mıcro Hydro Turgo Turbıne

JTEN-2020-173 Parametrıc Study Of Natural Convectıon Showıng Effects Of Geometry, Number And Orıentatıon Of Fıns On A Fınned Tube System: A Numerıcal Approach

JTEN-2020-182 Micro-polar fluid flow induced due to a vertical porous surface with heat absorption and Joule heating effects

JTEN-2020-188 Turbulent Heat Transfer For Internal Flow Of Ethylene Glycol-Al2o3 Nanofluıd In A Spıral Grooved Tube Wıth Twısted Tape Inserts

JTEN-2020-196 Experimental investigation of heat transfer characteristics of an inverse diffusion flame in a coaxial tube burner for with and without swirl

JTEN-2020-203 Drop-In And Retrofıt Refrıgerants As Replacement Possıbılıtıes Of R134a In Domestıc/Commercıal Refrıgeratıon And Automobıle Aır Condıtıoner Applıcatıons

JTEN-2020-217 Enhancement Technique of Heat Transfer Using Inserted Twisted Tape

JTEN-2020-247 Experimental effect of inclination on the process of melting paraffin in a square cavity

JTEN-2020-260 Influence of Convective Boundary Condition on heat and mass transfer in a Walters’ B fluid over a vertical stretching surface with thermo-diffusion effect

JTEN-2020-278 Thermodynamic evaluation and optimization of a double-flash binary geothermal energy system with an ejector-expander

JTEN-2020-302 Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Taper Helical and Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger

JTEN-2020-334 Experimental Investigation on Thermal Conductivity and Stability of Water-Graphite Nanofluid

JTEN-2020-342 Numerical Investigation of Non-Uniform Heat Transfer Enhancement in Parabolic Trough Solar Collectors Using Dual Modified Twisted-Tape Inserts

JTEN-2020-352 A Numerical Investigation of the Species Transport Approach for Modeling of Gaseous Combustion

JTEN-2020-355 Investıgatıon Of Lamınar Forced Convectıon Heat Transfer Of Nanofluıds Through Flat Plate Solar Collector

JTEN-2020-363 Three Dimensional Flow over Elliptic Cylinders Arrays in Octagonal Arrangement

JTEN-2020-386 Combined effect of variable parameters on the performance of gas turbine cycles

JTEN-2020-415 Heat Transfer Enhancement Of Hybrıd Nanofluıds:A Comprehensıve Revıew

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