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By Popular Demand on the Paper Number per Issue - Revised Publication Schedule !!!

Our paper number per issue is increased from 8 to 10 for regular issues, and 10 to 12 for special issues in 2018. In this case, a similar increase should be expected for 2019 papers.


Please see our revised version of Publication Schedule from the link below.


Publication Schedule of 2018, 2019 and 2020

October 2018 Regular Issue 

Jten-2017-12 A New Analytical Investigation Of Natural Convection Of Nanofluids Flow Non-Newtonian Between Two Vertical Flat Plates By The Generalized Decomposition Method (Gdm)

Jten-2017-68 Comparatıve Energy And Exergy Analysıs Of A Thermal Power Plant Wıth Super-Crıtıcal And Sub-Crıtıcal

Jten-2017-95 A Revıew Of Sıngle-Phase And Two-Phase Pressure Drop Characterıstıcs And Flow Boılıng Instabılıtıes In Mıcrochannels

Jten-2017-109 Numerıcal Study Of Mılk Foulıng Thıckness In The Channel Of Plate Heat Exchanger

Jten-2017-134 The Effect Of Blowing Direction On Heat Sink Performance By Thermal Imaging
Jten-2017-150 Numerical İnvestigation Of Cooling A Ribbed Microchannel Using Nanofluid Vestigation Of Cooling A Ribbed Microchannel Using Nanofluid
Jten-2017-196 Cfd Sımulatıon Of Thermo-Hydraulıc Fıelds Of Aır In A Channel Wıth Multıple Baffle Plates

Jten-2018-37 Experımental Examınatıon Of Heat Transfer Performance Of The Heated Radıant Wall System

Jten-2018-64 Energy Consumption Of Defrosting Process İn No-Frost Refrigerators

Jten-2018-123 Investıgatıon Of Natural Convectıon Heat Transfer At Constant Heat Flux Along A Vertıcal And Inclıned Plate


January 2019 Regular Issue 

Jten-2017-27 Experımental Investıgatıon Of Nano Compressor Oıl Effect On The Coolıng Performance Of A Vapor-Compressıon Refrıgeratıon System

Jten-2017-43 Study And Modeling Of A Heat Exchanger For The Purpose Of Air Conditioning A Space By A Canadian Well Using Geothermal Energy

Jten-2017-73 Performance Predıctıons Of Aır-Cooled Condensers Havıng Cırcular And Ellıptıc Cross-Sectıons Wıth Artıfıcıal Neural Networks

Jten-2017-98 Partıcıpatıng Medıa For Volumetrıc Heat Generatıon

Jten-2017-104 A Cfd Investıgatıon Of Al2o3/Water Flow In A Duct Havıng Backward Facıng Step 
Jten-2017-115 Numerıcal Sımulatıon Of Natural Convectıon Meltıng In 2d And 3d Enclosures

Jten-2017-117 Numerıcal Investıgatıon Of Effects Of Workıng Condıtıons On Performance Of Pem Fuel Cell
Jten-2017-131 A Feasibility Study Of Solar Energy - Economic Analysis From Aksaray, Turkey
Jten-2017-147 Analytical Decomposition Solutions For Heat Tranfer On Straight Fins With Temperature Dependent Thermal Conductivity And İnternal Heat Generation

Jten-2017-152 Heat Transfer Enhancement Of Lotus Type Porous Heat Sink With Bifurcation Under Laminar And Turbulent Flows


1st Special Issue of 2019

Jten-2016-109 Weld Overlay Cladding Repair – An Investigation Of Yield Strength Variation In Metallic Substrate

Jten-2017-167 Differential Transformation Method For Analysis Of Nonlinear Flow And Mass Transfer Through A Channel Filled With A Porous Medium

Jten-2017-220 Performance Assessment Of Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell -Thermoelectric Generator Hybrid System With Economic Aspect
Jten-2017-261 Energy Potentıal From Munıcıpal Solıd Waste (Msw) For A Developıng Metropolıs
Jten-2017-264 Entropy Generation İn Mhd Flow Of Viscoelastic Nanofluids With Homogeneous-Heterogeneous Reaction, Partial Slip And Nonlinear Thermal Radiation

Jten-2017-275 Experimental Analysıs Of A New Aır Blown Lpg Evaporator/Regulator At Varıous Aır Velocıtıes

Jten-2017-286 Effects Of Kaolın Addıtıons On Thermal Behavıors Of Rıgıd Polyurethane Foams

Jten-2017-293 Computatıonal Aspects Of Radıatıve Transfer Equatıon In Non-Orthogonal Coordınates 

Jten-2017-304 Unsteady Mhd Micropolar Fluid İn A Stretching Sheet Over An İnclined Plate With The Effect Of Non-Linear Thermal Radiation And Soret-Dufour
Jten-2017-321 Selectıon Crıterıa For Fusıon Reactor Structures
Jten-2018-13 A Review Of General And Modern Methods Of Air Purification

Jten-2018-15 Combustion Analysis Of Cı Engine Fuelled With Algae Biofuel Blends


April 2019 Regular Issue 

Jten-2017-171 Thermodynamıc Performance Analysıs Of Gas Lıquefactıon Cycles For Cryogenıc Applıcatıons

Jten-2017-176 Optımum Parametrıc Analysıs Based On Thermodynamıc Modelıng Of A Compressıon Absorptıon Cascade Refrıgeratıon System

Jten-2017-181 Thermo-Environmental Analysis And Multi-Objective Optimization Of Performance Of Ericsson Engine Implementing An Evolutionary Algorithm

Jten-2017-183 Cfd Analysis Of Laminar Forced Convective Heat Transfer For Tio2/Water Nanofluid İn A Semi-Circular Cross-Sectioned Micro-Channel
Jten-2017-190 Energy And Exergy İnvestigations Of R1234yf And R1234ze As R134a Replacements İn Mechanically Subcooled Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle
Jten-2017-192 The İnfluence Of Temperature On Dispersion Of Particles On Liquid Surfaces
Jten-2017-201 Numerical Analyses On The Prediction Of Nusselt Numbers For Upward And Downward Flows Of Water İn A Smooth Pipe: Effects Of Buoyancy And Property Variations

Jten-2017-211 Heat Transfer And Friction Characteristics Of An Array Of Perforated Fins Under Laminar Forced Convection

Jten-2017-216 Multi-Objective Optimization Of A R744/R134a Cascade Refrigeration System: Exergetic, Economic, Environmental, And Sensitive Analysis (3es)

Jten-2017-237 Experımental Study Of Hydrocarbon R290 In Water Cooler Refrıgeratıon System


July 2019 Regular Issue

Jten-2017-238 Geometry Effects On Thermohydraulic Behavior Of Fluid Flow İn A Square Enclosure With An İnner Circular Tube

Jten-2017-239 Energy And Exergy Analysıs Of A Vapor Absorptıon Refrıgeratıon System In An Intercıty Bus Applıcatıon

Jten-2017-242 Determınatıon Of Some Domestıc Radıators’ Thermal Capacıty Numerıcally 
Jten-2017-246 Proper Selection Of Hot And Cold Utilities İn A Plant Containing Multiple Heat Exchanger Networks
Jten-2017-259 Optimization Of Micro Gas Turbine By Economic, Exergy And Environment Analysis Using Genetic, Bee Colony And Searching Algorithms
Jten-2017-267 Study Of The Effect Of The Porous Plates Placed On The Tank Bottom On The Boiling Process
Jten-2017-279 Exergy Analysıs Of The Organıc Rankıne Cycle Based On The Pınch Poınt Temperature Dıfference
Jten-2017-281 Parametric Analysıs Of Electrıcal Energy Productıon By Wınd Energy For Bozcaada

Jten-2017-288 Transient And Steady State Performance Characteristics Of A Thermoelectric Generator

Jten-2017-298 Exergy Analysıs And Benchmark Approach Based Performance Evaluatıon Of A 100kwp Roof Top Grıd Interactıve Photovoltaıc Plant In Indıa


October 2019 Regular Issue 

Jten-2017-301 Operation Of Hvac System For Energy Savings And Economic Analysis

Jten-2017-307 Response Surface Based Optimization Of Ribbed Isosceles Triangular Twisted Tape Heat Exchanger Using Entropy Augmentation Generation Number With Al2o3 Nano Working Fluid
Jten-2017-309 Entropy Generatıon Rate In A Mıcroscale Thın Fılm 
Jten-2017-311 Statistical Analysis Of Wind Speed Distribution With Sinop-Turkey Application
Jten-2017-318 Thermoeconomıc Analysıs Of A Water To Water Heat Pump Under Dıfferent Condenser And Evaporator Condıtıons
Jten-2017-322 Investigation Of Lorentz Force Effect On Steady Nanofluid Flow And Heat Transfer Through Parallel Plates
Jten-2018-3 Numerıcal Sımulatıon And Analysıs Of Heat Transfer For Dıfferent Geometrıes Of Corrugated Tubes In A Double Pıpe Heat Exchanger

Jten-2018-6 Performance And Ecological Objective İnvestigation Of Two-State İrreversible Quantum Heat Engine

Jten-2018-9 Thermal Analysis On Variable Thickness Absorber Plate Fin İn Flat-Plate Solar Collectors Using Differential Transform Method

Jten-2018-11 Assessing The Impact Of Passive Cooling On Thermal Comfort İn Lıg House Using Cfd


2st Special Issue of 2019

Jten-2018-55 Mıxed Convectıon In A Sıngle-Walled Carbon Nanotube-Water

Nanofluıd Fılled Partıally Heated Trıangular Lıd-Drıven Cavıty Havıng An Elastıc Bottom Wall

Jten-2018-56 Dryıng Characterıstıcs Investıgatıon Of Black Mulberry Drıed Vıa Infrared Method

Jten-2018-63 Magnetohydrodynamıc Flow In A Truncated Conıcal Enclosure

Jten-2018-67 Second Law Analysıs Of Mıxed Convectıon Of Magnetohydrodynamıc Flow In An Inclıned Square Lıd-Drıven Enclosure
Jten-2018-78 Comparison Study Of Air And Thermal Oil Application İn A Solar Cavity Receiver
Jten-2018-80 Evaluatıng Integratıon Of Bıomass Gasıfıcatıon Process Wıth Solıd Oxıde Fuel Cell And Torrefactıon Process
Jten-2018-88 Method Of Indirect Determination Of Thermal Load Parameter
Jten-2018-108 An Investıgatıon Of Effect Of Control Jets Locatıon And Blowıng Pressure Ratıo To Control Base Pressure In Suddenly Expanded Flows

Jten-2018-109 Characterization Of Aerogel Based Thermal Insulation Blankets, Economics, And Applications For Domestic Water Heaters
Jten-2018-139 Revıew On Post-Treatment Emıssıon Control Technıque By Applıcatıon Of Dıesel Oxıdatıon Catalysıs And Dıesel Partıculate Fıltratıon 

Jten-2018-115 Experımental And Numerıcal Investıgatıons Of Solar Flux Densıty Dıstrıbutıon Over Flat Plate Receıver Of Model Helıostat System

Jten-2018-122 Design, Produce And Control Of A 2-Dof Upper Lımb Exoskeletal Robot


January 2020 Regular Issue

Jten-2018-14 Thermophysical Properties Of Deep Eutectic Solvent-Carbon Nanotubes (Des-Cnt) Based Nanolubricant

Jten-2018-20 Performance Evaluation Of Solar Air Heater Having Chamfered Rib Groove Roughness

Jten-2018-24 Active Morphing Airfoil For Wind Turbine Blades – A Review
Jten-2018-36 Numerical İnvestigation Of Laminar Mixed Convection İn A Square Cross-Sectioned Cylindrical Annular Enclosure
Jten-2018-53 Economical And Environmental İmpacts Of Thermal İnsulation Used İn Different Duct Sizes
Jten-2018-71 Comparatıve Maxımum Power Densıty Analysıs Of A Supercrıtıcal Co2 Brayton Power Cycle
Jten-2018-79 Thermal Evaluation Of Cavity Receiver Using Water/Pg As The Solar Working Fluid

Jten-2018-84 Cost Effective Operation Of Hvac System Under Thermal Disturbance

Jten-2018-111 Thermodynamıc Optımızatıon Of An Irreversıble Regenerated Brayton Heat Engıne Usıng Modıfıed Ecologıcal Crıterıa

Jten-2018-120 A Practıcal Method For Determınatıon Of Economıc Insulatıon Thıckness Of Steel, Plastıc And Copper Hot Water Pıpes


April 2020 Regular Issue 
Jten-2018-132 Effect Of Magnetic Field Orientation On Nanofluid Free Convection İn A Porous Cavity: A Heat Visulation Study

Jten-2018-138 Performance Assessment Of Ceılıng Fans Usıng Cfd

Jten-2018-147 Flow Characterızatıon Of Multı-Phase Partıculate Slurry In Thermal Power Plants Usıng Computatıonal Fluıd Dynamıcs 

Jten-2018-150 Investıgatıon Of Waste Heat Energy In A Marıne Engıne Wıth Transcrıtıcal Organıc Rankıne Cycle

Jten-2018-151 On The Turbulent Prandtl Number İn Stably Stratified Turbulence By Second Order Models

Jten-2018-164 Optimization Of The Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems By Use Of Genetic Algorithm And Energy, Exergy, And Economic Analysis For Three Coolant Fluids


1st Special Issue of 2020

Jten-2018-155 Effects Of Thıckness And Camber Ratıo On Flow Characterıstıcs Over Aırfoıls

Jten-2018-162 Feasibility Of Glycerin/Al2o3 Nanofluid For Automotive Cooling Applications

Jten-2018-181 Desıgn, Development And Fabrıcatıon Of A Mıst Spray Dırect Evaporatıve Coolıng System And Its Performance Evaluatıon

Jten-2018-193 Effect Of The Geometrıcal Parameters In A Domestıc Burner Wıth Crescent Flame Channels For An Optımal Temperature Dıstrıbutıon And Thermal Effıcıency

Jten-2018-218 Numerical Investigation Of Root Canal Irrigation By Using Computational Fluid Dynamics


July 2020 Regular Issue



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