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Publication Schedule of 2017 and 2018

Please note that it is a prestudy, so the list can be changed with minor alterations since there are still some papers with under-review status in the journal.


All authors of these accepted papers are supposed to prepare their accepted papers according to the journal template in the link below.



July 2017 Regular Issue (8 Papers As Usual)
Jten-2016-45 The Renewable Energy Potential Of Turkish Coasts And A Concept Design Of A Near Shore Sea Platform
Jten-2016-219 The Effects Of Coolant Pipe Geometry And Flow Conditions On Turbine Blade Film Cooling 
Jten-2016-77 Testing And Analysis Of Low Pressure, Transparent Tube Solar Receiver For The Sunspot Cycle
Jten-2016-50 Design Basis Accident Analysis Of A Small Modular Reactor
Jten-2016-61 Analysis On Solar Panel Performance And Pv-Inverter Configuration For Tropical Region
Jten-2016-71 A Lime Production Of The Fluidized Bed Boiler’s Energy And Exergy Analyse
Jten-2016-74 Effect Of Roof Pond On The Energy And Exergy Performance Of A Single Space Building
Jten-2016-204 A Nonlinear Constitutive Theory For Deviatoric Cauchy Stress Tensor For Incrompressible Viscous Fluids

1st Special Issue Of 2017 (10 Papers As Usual)
Jten-2016-84 Impacts Of Nanoscale Inclusions On Fire Retardancy, Thermal Stability, And Mechanical Properties Of Polymeric Pvc Nanocomposites
Jten-2016-109 Weld Overlay Cladding Repair – An Investigation Of Yield Strength Variation In Metallic Substrate
Jten-2016-119 Aerodynamics Assessment Using Cfd For A Low Drag Shell Eco-Marathon Car
Jten-2016-120 Optimized Microstructure For Single Cell Trapping Utilizing Contactless Dielectrophoresis
Jten-2016-132 Electronic Measurement Of Weather Conditions For An Engine Test Room
Jten-2016-148 Vascular Structures For Smart Features: Self-Cooling And Self-Healing
Jten-2016-152 Advances In Zero Energy Transportation Systems
Jten-2016-162 Effect Of Uniaxial Initial Stresses, Piezoelectricity And Third Order Elastic Constants On The Near-Surface Waves In A Stratified Half-Plane
Jten-2016-164 Fem Analyses Of Low Velocity Impact Behaviour Of Sandwich Panels With Eps Foam Core
Jten-2016-169 Experimental Study On Turning With Self-Propelled Rotary Cutting Tool

October 2017 Regular Issue (8 Papers As Usual)
Jten-2016-48 Computational Analysis Of Inserted Porous Blocks Into Horizontal Concentric Annuli In Mixed Convection Mode
Jten-2016-51 Exergetic Optimization Of Phosphoric Acid Factory Power Plant
Jten-2016-56 The Effect Of Obstacles On The Concentration Of Pollutants In A Cleanroom: Simulating An Operating Room
Jten-2016-67 Thermoeconomic Analysis Of A Biogas Engines Powered Cogeneration System
Jten-2016-91 Numerical Investigation Of Isothermal Flow Around Impingement Plates In A Shell And Tube Exchanger
Jten-2016-102 Numerical Study Of Pressure Drop And Heat Transfer In A Straight Rectangular And Semi Cylindrical Projections Microchannel Heat Sink
Jten-2016-108 Unsteady Numerical Simulation Of Turbulent Forced Convection In A Rectangular Pipe Provided With Waved Porous Baffles.
Jten-2016-111 Application Of A Novel Thermo-Ecological Performance Criterion: Effective Ecological Power Density (Efecpod) To A Joule-Brayton Cycle (Jbc) Turbine

2st Special Issue Of 2017 (10 Papers As Usual)
Jten-2016-179 Performance Indices Of Soft Computing Models To Predict The Heat Load Of Buildings In Terms Of Architectural Indicators
Jten-2016-193 Chemical And Thermal Investigations Of Electrospun Polyacrylonitrile (Pan) Nanofibers Incorporated With Various Nanoscale Inclusions
Jten-2016-195 A Nonlinear Constitutive Theory For Heat Conduction In Lagrangian Description Based On Integrity
Jten-2016-205 A Nonlinear Constitutive Theory For Heat Conduction In Lagrangian Description Based On Integrity
Jten-2016-206 Rans Numerical Simulation Of Lean Premixed Bluff Body Stabilized Combustor: Comparison Of Turbulence Models
Jten-2016-207 Sensitivity Analysis Of Coal Gasification In Two-Stage Entrained-Flow Gasifier: Syngas And Carbon Conversion Prediction  
Jten-2016-228 Performance Map Measurement, Zero-Dimensional Modelling And Vibration Analysis Of A Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
Jten-2016-242 Optimization Study On The Operating Conditions To Improve The Quality Of Surfaces Coating Obtained By Plasma Spraying Process
Jten-2017-20 Investigation Of Characterization And Composition Of Dental Wastes In Samsun City Center
Jten-2017-15 Using Of Flow Routing Plate For Cooling Of Printed Circuit Boards

January 2018 Regular Issue (8 Papers As Usual)
Jten-2016-115 Two- And Three-Dimensional Transient Analysis Of Flow And Heat Transfer In Structures With Domical And Curved Roofs
Jten-2016-117 Performance Analyzing Of An Organic Rankine Cycle Under Different Ambient Conditions
Jten-2016-128 Thermodynamic Modeling Of A Pulse Tube Refrigeration System
Jten-2016-138 Effect Of Pre-Treatment And Air Temperature On Drying Time Of Cherry Tomato
Jten-2016-156 Numerical Investigation Of Heat Transfer From A Porous Plate With Transpiration Cooling
Jten-2016-163 Theoretical Investigation Of A Solar Air Heater Roughned By Ribs And Grooves
Jten-2016-172 Thin Layer Drying Modeling Of Apples And Apricots In A Solar-Assisted Drying System
Jten-2016-175 Receiver Temperature Maps Of Parabolic Collector Used For Solar Food Cooking Application In Algeria

April 2018 Regular Issue (8 Papers As Usual)
Jten-2016-177 Natural Convection Of A Nanofluid In A Conical Container
Jten-2016-180 Analysis Of Evaporative-Vapour Compression Refrigeration (Vcr) Based Air Conditioning System For Hot And Dry Climatic Conditions In Oman
Jten-2016-184 Heat Transfer Characteristics Of Propylene Glycol/Water Based Magnesium Oxide Nanofluid Flowing Through Straight Tubes And Helical Coils
Jten-2016-186 Performance Analysis Of R22 And Its Substitutes In Air Conditioners
Jten-2016-187 Alternative Refrigerants For Hcfc R22 —A Review
Jten-2016-191 The Numerical Study Of Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Al2o3-Water Nanofluid In Corrugated Duct Application
Jten-2016-199 Variable Capacity Absorption Cooling System Performance For Building Application
Jten-2016-221 Objective Functions And Real Time Operation Optimization Of Energy Systems

July 2018 Regular Issue (8 Papers As Usual)
Jten-2016-227 Aerothermal Optimization Of Squealer Geometry In Axial Flow Turbines Using Genetic Algorithm
Jten-2016-243 Effects Of Heater Dimensions On Nanofluid Natural Convection In A Heated Incinerator Shaped Cavity Containing A Heated Block
Jten-2016-248 A Numerica1 Study Of Forced Convective Flow In Microchannels Heat Sinks With Periodic Expansion-Constriction Cross Section
Jten-2016-258 Performance Analysis And Thermodynamic Modeling Of A Poly Generation System By Integrating A Multi-Effect-Desalination Thermo-Vapor Compression(Med-Tvc) System With A Combined Cooling, Heating And Power (Cchp) System
Jten-2017-8 Numerical Investigation Of Forced Convection Of Nanofluid In Microchannels Heat Sinks
Jten-2017-12 A New Analytical Investigation Of Natural Convection Of Nanofluids Flow Non-Newtonian Between Two Vertical Flat Plates By The Generalized Decomposition Method (Gdm).
Jten-2017-16 An Experimental Study On Subcooling Process Of A Transcritical Co2 Air Conditioning Cycle Working With Microchannel Evaporator
Jten-2017-27 Experimental Investigation Of Nano Compressor Oil Effect On The Cooling Performance Of A Vapor-Compression Refrigeration System

October 2018 Regular Issue (8 Papers As Usual)
Jten-2017-37 Numerical Investigation Of Flow And Heat Transfer In Communicating Converging And Diverging Channels


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