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For Editors

YILDIZ Journal of Educational Research and its academic editors are committed to publishing original work for the academic community of the highest possible standards. Honesty, originality and fairness by authors, and editors and reviewers in evaluating scholarly work are expected. YJER endorses and behaves in accordance with strict codes of conduct and international standards.


  • are accountable and should take responsibility for everything they publish;
  • should make fair and unbiased decisions independent of commercial considerations, and should ensure a fair and appropriate peer review process;
  • should adopt editorial policies that encourage maximum transparency and complete, honest reporting;
  • should guard the integrity of the published record by issuing corrections and retractions when needed and pursuing suspected or alleged research and publication misconduct;
  • should pursue reviewer and editorial misconduct;
  • should make it clear to peer reviewers and authors what is expected of them; and
  • should have appropriate policies in place for handling editorial conflicts of interest.
Developed by Dr. Aydin Secer 2014-Istanbul